Touchstone  1999 Table of Contents


Thomas Gribble                                An Orange Under Pressure in the Desert                                            4

Iris Gribble-Neal                               Eco-System                                                     5
Mining the Rainbow at theSunshine, 1898                                             6
Kris Christensen                              Evolution                                                          8
                                                            Panorama with Elvis and Some Ripe Bananas                                                17
Thomas Gribble                                Holding Up Darby                                         18
Jenny Lagergren                              A Walk on Rock                                             24

Darlene Pagan                                  Reflection                                                        25

Steve Werkmeister                          Cusp                                                                 26

Mark Mansfield                               Sailing to Bermuda                                         75

Amy England                                   Afterword: Two Arts                                     76

Sarah Jane Johnson                        He thought he’d painted an X on his forehead                                         78

Jennifer Johnson                              Wunden der Erinnerung                              91

Jenny Lagergren                              Bar Season                                                      92

Sarah Jane Johnson                        A&P Epiphany                                               93



Karen Lavery                                    Dear John                                                        27
Michael John O’Donnell                Vorplay                                                            51
Marty Nash                                      Columbus Day                                                69
Cactus May                                      One of Those Bodies is Sitting Up             79



Brad Garmon                                     Walking in Big Places                                   9

Marty Nash                                      My Heroes Have Always Been Carpenters                                                 19



Sheyene Foster                                The Crazy Mirror of Language:

                                                            An Interview with Stan Rubin                     39



Jared Janovec                                   Pope Urban VIII and Galil in a  Decomposing Paradise                                7
 Kathryn Bernard Bloomquist         Untitled                                                            23
Jessica Shaw                                    A Fragmented Unity                                      38
Barbara Waterman-Peters              Widow with Mirror                                        68
Joseph Johnson                               Came                                                                74
Jodie Clawson                                  Untitled                                                            90



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