2002 Contents


Amanda Latrenta

                Toni Salamoni’s Pool Party                                      1
                Howard Dates Ate Elmer’s Glue                             2
            Beau Boudreaux
                Constantinople                                                       16
            Kevin Gonzáles
                Julio, El Barbero                                                    36
                Checkmate on the Eleventh Floor                           38
                Loteria                                                                  40
            Amanda Watson
                Garlic Love                                                           52
            Tiffany Kentile
                Crow                                                                    63
            Erin Billing
                In a Beijing Taxi                                                    67
            Christina Joy Palangattil
                Watermelon                                                          70


Samantha Warren

                        Amazons                                                            3

Jonathan Tipton

                        Hot and Sour Soup                                             17

Dennis C. Martin

                        Clean                                                                53


Katie Sallitt Fallon

                Cave Darkness                                                       30
            Tania Beltran
                No Santa Claus in Kansas                                       64
            Danielle K. Little
                Neo-Nubian Blues                                                  68


Darin Jensen

Over Coffee and Muffins:

A Conversation with

                        Thomas Fox Averill                                            42


Editor’s Note

                        Our Touchstone                                                iv

Contributor’s Notes

About the prize winners

                        and the contributors                                            71


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