2001 Contents


              Mary Ann Wehler               Mason City Ladies' Sewing Circle     5

              Kimberly Shuckra               Right Now           23

              Christina Herbic                  Tough Wishes       43

              Rosemary Monaco             Near Nameless Creek, Indiana       44

              Silvana Unciano                  Escaping             53

              Josh Shuart                         Love Letters from the Spanish-American War           54

              John Weslie McClurg         The Perpetual Suicide       63

              Josh Shuart                         Archaeologist’s Poem       64

              Peter Melnan                      Choose Your Own Adventure         76

              DeAnna Stephens Vaughn  Persephone beneath Phosphor       83




              Tara Jill Ciccarone              The Wire Sculptor              7

              Aaron Thornton                  A Story About a Guy Who Gets Help From a Foreign Guy He Can’t Understand    45

              Courtney Angela Brkic       Passage 66




              Erin Newport                     Lessons from the Unlikely   23

              Christopher Piatt                 No Last Names    56

              Jenny Spinner                     In Medias Rest     78

              Cassidy Leavy                    Morphine             85




SheIle Barton, Sheyene Heller Foster, and Jennifer Henderson

“We Were Such a Generation?” Memoir, Truthfulness, and History: An Interview with Patricia Hampl   90


              Editor’s Note                     What is Touchstone                        4

              Contributors' Notes            About the Authors and Prize Winners              103


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