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PRIVACY: Disclaimer


        The "Privacy" conference image comes from Jean Cocteau's Le Sang d'ur Poete (The Blood of a Poet, 1930) as it appears on DVDBeaver's review of the film; that page is copyright © by Gary Tooze, and the image is probably copyright © by Criterion Collection's DVD of Cocteau's Orpeus Trilogy (the website doesn't say). This image and all other images should be considered copyright © by their respective owners. If we have failed to display appropriate credit on these pages, let us know so that we may remedy the situation. Thank you.

        Excepting the aforementioned images, these pages are copyright © 2005-2006 by Kansas State University's Department of English. These web pages are intended for educational purposes only. The Department of English does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, usefulness, or any other aspect of these pages. No warranty of any kind is implied, and nor will the copyright holder assume any legal liability or responsibility for the content of these pages. (The ideas and wording in this paragraph borrow heavily from Nicolas Pioch's disclaimer for his Paris WebMusem pages.)



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