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VISUAL CULTURE: Conference Program

Thursday, March 10 | Friday, March 11 | Saturday, March 12

Thursday 9 am

a. Icons in Film, Union 206 (DVD/TV)
  1. "'The Rossellini Version of Me':  Ingrid Bergman," Dave Smit, Kansas State University
  2. "Image, Icon, and Ideology of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ," Martha Crealock, Trent University, Canada
  3. "Symbolism in Session 9," Erin Tate and Emily Merrifield, Kansas State University

b. Graphic Novels and Genocide, Union 207

  1. "Imagining a War Zone:  Lost Limbs and Mass Graves in the Graphic Novel," John McConnell, Wichita State University
  2. "Mouse Tales:  The Ownership of Stories in Art Spiegelman’s MAUS," Patrick Dixon, Kansas State University
  3. "Jewish Representation in Art Spiegelman’s MAUS I and II," Emily L. King, Kansas State University

Thurs 10:30 am

a. Public Art: Posters, Fliers, and Graffitti, Union 206 (Laptop Proj.)
  1. "The 4x6 Street Corner Manifesto: Nightclub Fliers and the Formation of Subculture Identity," Lorrie Carano, University of Missouri, Kansas City
  2. "Reading the Signs on the Wall: Unsanctioned Images in the Public Sphere," Marshall Soules and Tricia Irish, Malaspina University-College, Canada

b.  Inverts, Strange Brothers and Odd Girls: Analyzing Images of Queer Identity in Popular Culture, Union 207

  1. "A Life She Had No Wish to Live: Representations of Femininity, Subjectivity and Lesbian Identity in The Hours," Sandra M. Cox, Emporia State University
  2. "Coming Out and Going Mainstream: Sherman Alexie’s Exploration of Queer Identity in The Business of Fancydancing," Ruxandra Radulescu, Emporia State University
  3. "FEH MUH NIST:  Diane DiMassa’s Queer Critique of Normative Culture through Graphic Media in Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist," D. Susan Kendrick, Emporia State University

12-1: Lunch Break 

Thurs 1 pm

a. Film and Culture, Union 206 (TV/VCR; Laptop Proj.)
  1. "Films for Young Viewers: Girls' Images and Representations of Cultures," Shu-Ching Hsu, Eastern Michigan University
  2. "Sentimentality with an Edge: Tom Bui's Three Seasons," Michele Janette, Kansas State University
  3. "Nostalgic Returns: Sustaining Identity in Pied-Noir Photo-Documentaries," Amy Hubbell, Kansas State University

b. Children’s Book Illustrations, Union 207 (Laptop Proj.)

  1. "The Communist as Carrion: Re-Evaluating Robert Lawson's Artistic Contributions to The Story of Ferdinand," Barrett Bowlin, Kansas State University
  2. "Dancing and Drawing with the Wild Things: The Child as Artist in Where the Wild Things Are and Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse," Jennifer Marchant, Middle Tennessee State University
  3. "Of Capes, Bonnets, and Nightshirts: Walter Crane’s Imaging and Re-Imaging of Little Red Riding Hood" Debra Mitts Smith, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne

Thurs 3 pm

a. Social Significance of Graphic Design, Union 206 (TV/DVD; laptop proj)
  1. "Understanding the World through Wonder," Stacy Asher, Ohio University
  2. "Low Resolution, No Resolution: Power, Responsibility, and Experiments in Graphic Design Masochism," Erica Nooney, Kansas State University
  3. "Swoosh: The Life and Times of a Corporate Icon," Paul Bick, Northeastern Illinois University

b.  Ideology and the Photographic Frame, Union 207

  1. "See Spot: True Crime Photography and the Ambiguous Cells of Film Noir," Hugh S. Manon, Oklahoma State University
  2. "The Mythic Personae of George W. Bush," Mickayla Fink, Kansas State University
  3. "Faces of Repression--Reflections on the Visual Representation of Jailor and Victim," Mathias Nilges, University of Illinois, Chicago

c. Scrapbooks, Archives, and Collections, Union 209 (16mm projector; laptop projector)

  1. "Scrapbook Autobiography: Envisioning Identity," Jill Deans, Haverford College
  2. "Redefining Memorial Time and Space: The Digital FSA-OWI Photographic Archive," Catherine Preston, University of Kansas
  3. "Tiki Cufflinks–Was Your Father Cool Enough?," Stephen Canham, University of Hawaii, Manoa

5:30-7: Dinner break

8:00 pm: Keynote: "Freaky Fables from the Foothills," Tom Huck, Union Main & West Ballrooms

9:30 pm:  Reception for Tom Huck, Cat’s Pause Lounge 

Thursday, March 10 | Friday, March 11 | Saturday, March 12

Friday 9 am

a. Opera, Union 206 (slide projector; CD player)
  1. "Sirens and their Songs: What do Women Really Want," Andrew Miller, University of South Carolina Upstate
  2. "Opera and the Medieval Other," Robert Clark, Kansas State University
  3. "Empire, Opera, and the Exotic Body," Robert Sturges, University of New Orleans, Empire

b. Issues in Children’s Literature, Union 207 (laptop projector)

  1. "Snow White and the Seven 'Dwarfs'—Queercripped," Santiago Solis, Teachers College, Columbia University
  2. "Images in the Classroom(?): Preservice Teachers Talk About Texts," Stergios Botzakis, University of Georgia
  3. "How Red is the Red Playground? The Child Narrator in Extreme Situations of Violence," Debasmita Majumdar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India 

Fri 10:30 am

a. Superhero Comics, Union 206 (TV/DVD/VCR)
  1. "The 'Superhero Industry' as Oral Culture: Reconciling the Cultural Critique and the Mythic Approach to Modern Comic Book Studies," Terrence Wandtke, Judson College
  2. "The Representation of Male Homosexuality in the American Superhero Comic Book:  An Interpretive Textual Analysis of Green Lantern Brother’s Keeper," Robert Colicchia, University of Windsor, Canada
  3. "Amazing Fantasies: Trauma, Affect, and Superheroes," Phil Sandifer, University of Illinois at Chicago

b. Theorizing Interpretation, Union 207 (TV/VCR)

  1. "Encode/Decipher," Kurt Hartwig, University of Wisconsin, Milwaulkee
  2. "Visual Capital:  Emerson’s Eyeball, Marx’ Camera Obscura, and Human Head-Space," Andrea Engelken, Kansas State University

c. Photographs, Identity, and the State, Union 209

  1. "Seeing People, Reading Documents: The Emergence of the Passport in the 1920s," Craig Robertson, Babson College
  2. "Identity Performance and the Presentation of Self: Exploring the Image Making Practices of Youth," Jessica Poser, Harvard University

12-1: Lunch Break

Fri 1:00

Plenary Session:  Documentary Films and Edmund Carpenter, Union Big 12 Room (TV/VCR/DVD)

  1. “Oh What a Blow that Phantom Gave Me!” Harald Prins, Kansas State University
  2. "That Phantom Still Lurking: The Effects of Media on Rural Paupa New Guinea 35 Years after Carpenter," Michael Wesch, Kansas State University, Respondent

Fri 2:30

a. Monuments and Maps, Union 207 (slide proj)
  1. "Visible and invisible world on the present maps," Maria Antonietta Mariani, Censis-Center for Social Studies, Rome, Italy
  2. "Insider Trading: an alternative look at the Tropaeum Traiani at Adamklissi," Álvaro Ibarra, University of Texas, Austin
  3. "The map is not the territory, but then again, what is? Conquering Geography in Sir Walter Ralegh’s 'Discoverie of … Guiana'," Kimball Smith, Kansas State University

c. Image, Icon, and Book, Union 209 (slide proj)

  1. "House of Leaves as Digital/Textual/Typographical Ontology," Zach Whalen, University of Florida
  2. "Medieval Iconicity in Pearl," Mirona Magearu, Emporia State University
  3. "Reading Lu Xun Reading Masereel: The Chinese 'Translation' of Die Passion eines Menschen," David Ihrman, Grand Valley State University
  4. "Dismantling Montage, Documentations in W.G. Sebald's novel Austerlitz," Gundela Hachmann, Harvard University

Fri 4 pm

a. Representing Intelligence in Film: Chess Games and Smart Droids, Union 206 (TV/VCR)
  1. "Agency and Motive of Droids and Cyborgs in Star Wars," Paul Brown, Kansas State University
  2. "Seductions of Caissa:  The Great Chess Scene in The Thomas Crown Affair," Bill Martin, DePaul University
  3. "Chess and Constructive Self-Doubt, from Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone," Leslie E. Jones, William Jewell College

b. Graphic Novels, Union 207 (laptop proj)

  1. "Animated Feelings:  Melodramas of Sex and Labor in Gilbert Hernandez’ Heatbreak Soup Series," William Orchard, University of Chicago
  2. "The Graphic Novel and the Teenaged Body," Beth Younger, Drake University
  3. "PIXY: the graphic novel as an allegory of economy," Lia Yoka, Aristotle University of Tessaloniki, Greece
  4. "Building a New Narrative Universe, London 1898: The Re-Ordering of Victorian Fiction Under the Guise of the Graphic in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," Shawn Gilmore, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

5:30-7: Dinner Break 

8:00 pm: Keynote: "The Design Challenges of Online Comics," Scott McCloud, Kedzie 106 

9:30 pm: Reception for McCloud and Hatfield, home of Phillip Marzluf

Thursday, March 10 | Friday, March 11 | Saturday, March 12

Saturday 9 am

a. Images in Culture, Union 207 (laptop proj; overhead proj)
  1. "Time and Vision: Capital and the Crisis of Extension," Matthew Lexow, Kansas State University,
  2. "Learning to Pause: The Importance of Decoding Everyday Images," Kate Wurtzel and John Thompson, University of North Texas
  3. "'Hieroglyphic Civilization': Comics, Animation and Film," Barbara Postema, Michigan State University

Sat 10:30: Keynote: "What Underground Comix Did," Charles Hatfield, Union Big 12 Room

Sat 12 –1: Lunch Break 

Sat 1:00

a. Representing/Refashioning Women’s Bodies, Union 206 (TV/VCR; laptop proj)
  1. "Lena Horne:  Representing the African American Pin-Up Girl in 1940s Visual Culture," Megan Williams, University of Kansas
  2. "Seeing Bridget Jones," Karin Westman, Kansas State University
  3. "A Play with Puppets:  Puppetry as Mechanism for Playing with Gender Performativity in the Musical Avenue Q," Nasrina Evenstar, Kansas State University

b. Photography and National Identity, Union 207 (laptop proj)      

  1. "Czech Documentary Photography 1945 – 1990:  Social Identity, Social Change, Social Critique, Personal Expression," Brian Miller, Mendocino Art Center
  2. "En Cada Barrio:  Signage as the Landscape of Cuban Political Ideology," Daniel Ortega, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  3. "Widening the Frame:  Representing Northern Irish Political Murals," Kathryn Conrad, University of Kansas

Sat 2:30

a.  Peeking at the Margins:  Using Feminist Visual Culture to Decode the Unseen, Union 207 (TV/VCR; slide proj)
  1. "Barbie Doll Pocahontas:  Indian or Princess?", Anne Dotter, University of Strasbourg
  2. "Bubba Sparxxx," Alecia Ruskin, University of Kansas
  3. "La Malinche," Nicholas Shump, University of Kansas



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