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Response Paper Due Dates

Each date is your final opportunity to turn in the particular response paper. You are, of course, welcome to turn in the response paper at any time prior to that date. Remember, as per the Response Paper guidelines, your response will always address the reading assigned on the day that you turn it in.

(group members)
Response 1
Response 2
Response 3
Group 1

Sara Austin, Crystal Bandel, Orlando Dos Reis, Megan Kern, Caroline Sweeney, Elizabeth Symm

Wednesday, January 25
Wednesday, February 22
Wednesday, March 28
Group 2

Jessica Campbell, Roxanne Campbell, Meredith Flory, Ryan Gleason, Elisha Hillegeist, Emily Midkiff, Elizabeth Rankin, Laura Thacker

Wednesday, February 1
Wednesday, February 29
Friday, April 6
Group 3

Shaun Baker, Rebekah "Kat" Gibbs, Amanda Mahoney, Rebekah Mulvaney, Danielle Payne, Kristin Praeuner, Allison Shufelt, Autumn Vanleeuwen

Friday, February 10
Wednesday, March 7
Monday, April 16



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Syllabus for English 710-B: Dr. Seuss


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