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Paper #1 for English 440: The Graphic Novel

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12 Feb. 2010

            For Paper #1, select a single page from one of the graphic novels we have read for the course, and show how it develops a central theme (or, the relationship between themes) of that work in particularly interesting ways.  Your thesis should clearly articulate the theme(s) which you perceive at work on the page; the discussion that follows the introduction will illuminate how the page develops the theme(s), connecting the page to the work as a whole.

            The selection of the page itself represents an important part of this assignment.  Choose a page which provides a rich source for you to interpret.  (If you are uncertain about whether a certain page would work, please ask me.)  Consider how the page contributes to the theme or themes you see at work locally on the page, and globally in the work as a whole.  Focus on at least three of the following elements:

As you may have guessed, that last question is the most important one.  But you need to address the earlier questions before answering it.

            Your paper should offer a persuasive argument.  Remember that a persuasive argument requires a thesis, supporting evidence from the work (direct quotations, descriptions of how the art works, indirect support), and explanation of that evidence. Your paper should have an introduction which states the thesis, followed by body paragraphs providing the support and explanation of that support, and a conclusion.  Please use M.L.A. documentation style for your in-text citations and for your works cited page.

            Please indicate, beneath the title of your essay, the specific page you’ve selected.  Provide the page number (if there is one) or refer to a few words at the beginning and end of the page (if there are words),  and the page numbers in the edition we’re using in class. You need not otherwise cite the passage within your essay, though you will need to cite other passages you refer to during your discussion.  (See the syllabus for further information about format, style, and late papers.)

            Questions?  Need help finding a passage?  Need help developing your thesis?  Please let me know by email, after class, or during office hours (which are also available by appointment).

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