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Butterberry Hill involves a collection of linked stories occurring in various locations throughout the community. You are a curious traveller who stops on your way through town to explore the people and places in the area.

The story is organized into times of day (you start early in the morning). If you want a realistic style of experiencing the story, I suggest making no more than four visits before you return here to go on to the afternoon. Do not backtrack to explore alternative lines of dialogue. Make your choices and see where they lead. You can always start the story over to see what happens when you make different choices or visit different people or places.

Keep a pad of paper handy. You may find or receive items that you can place in your inventory. Some choices may require that you have a particular possession. Since the entire story is in HTML code, we are unable to store information about your choices and their consequences.

I hope you choose the realistic option. I think it would be a lot more fun. I suppose we could rate Butterberry Hill as a PG (if not a G) experience. I think sitting with a child who takes on the central role would be great. Some of the events and dialogue could become emotional at times, but a child audience will always be foremost in our minds.

There is not a great deal of dialogue in place at the moment. The potential magnitude of the ever-growing story is enormous. If you would like to choose a home or other place, create a character, and then write some choose your own adventure dialogue, please contact me. If I receive inquiries, I could put together a submissions guide and visitors bureau. Also, I do not claim to be a literary genius. If you see some things you think could be improved, let me know. I want to start something that could be fun, but will require the involvement of talented writers to become great.

Chuck Smith

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