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Little Black Sambo cover
Little Black Sambo

Written by Helen Bannerman
Illustrated by Christopher Bing
Handprint Books, New York, 2003
4+ years

Be smart in the face of danger while remaining patient and clever in overcoming adversity.

The classic story of a young boy whose quick thinking in response to danger protects his life. Then he cleverly hides while the tigers chase each other around a tree after removing the fine clothes they stole from him. He boldly confronts them, "Oh Tigers! Why have you taken off all your nice clothes? Don't you want them any more? Too busy with grabbing each other's tails, the ferocious tigers rush faster and faster around the tree until they turn to butter.
spacerThis is a newly illustrated edition of the well-known (and controversial) tale in which a young black boy finally outwits the succession of tigers that want to eat him. Christopher Bing cherished the story as a child and was encouraged by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Chair of Afro-American Studies at Harvard to bring his visual perspective to the story. The beauty of the illustrations and wonderful quality of the book itself reveals the love of both illustrator and publisher for the book. Although the original story was set in India, Bing portrays the young boy as a "glorious and unabashadly" African child.

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