Small Stories

Small stories are very short choose-your-own adventure stories written for preschool children. There are decisions to be made but the plot is very simple and the length is very brief. A parent or teacher reads the story and then gives the alternative choices for a child to choose.

The adult can talk with the child about what happened in the story and the consequences of their choices.

The child is like a guardian of the main character who moves the action in the story. They are not the main character. This gives greater freedom to the writer to create characters who might be quite different from the child. Plus it makes a child less defensive about the alternative choices.

Try writing one of your own. I’d love to include them on my list here. You can create your own without any knowledge of programming. Just visit (will open in a new window). You will have to register at the site and learn from simple instructions for creating your story. Remember, keep it simple. Send me the link to your story at their website. I will review it to determine whether I can recommend it here.

The small stories

Lilly of the Forest by Papa (grandfather of Samantha and Alexandra)

Lilly and the Peddler by Papa