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Caring skills

A note to parents
3. Caring for myself
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Key ideas
1. Protecting one's self-respect may take courage.

One can be heroic on one's own behalf. In this lesson, we look at self-respect as a source of courage and heroism. Create several adversities (or use the list below) that might face a child and explore the extent of their self-care in those circumstances.

Would it bother you
... if someone bigger than you pushed you down because he or she wanted to hurt you?
... if you stood up in class and forgot what you were going to say?
... if someone blamed you for something you did not do?
... if someone said mean things about you to other people?
... if someone stole something important to you out of your locker?

There could be extenuating circumstances that would decrease the amount of anger, fear, or sadness a child might experience in these situations. You could ask children to explain why they would be bothered in this circumstances.

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