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Publishers Weekly
After 9/11, stories of "everyday heroes" abounded. With that in mind, Smith, who teaches at Kansas State University’s School of Family Studies and Human Services, compiled this collection of anecdotes, tips, research, news accounts and personal experiences to form a beautiful guide for adults seeking to empower children. He directs readers down the path from personal power to willpower, which he posits as the foundation for strength. He provides practical examples of things parents can do to inspire vigilance, evoke empathy and ward off "emotional hijacking," which comes as "emotions spin out of control" when a child is confronted by a potential threat. Smith admonishes readers against accepting complacency (because "passive onlookers contribute to predatory violence"), and encourages reflection as a method of helping anchor children while pointing out the possibilities for the future. In simple language that informs without being overly pedagogical, Smith shares wisdom on character building that should greatly assist parents, educators and those who work to bring out the best in children.
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