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Nurturing Conscience in Children Components

Go to Nurturing Conscience homeThe Basic Parenting Nurturing Conscience in Children package includes the following resources:


Camera-ready masters for 20 Principles and Skills identified and described separately in a fact-sheet format.


Twenty cards listing Nurturing Conscience in Children principles (in blue) and skills (in green). These cards are meant to accompany the 80 card Basic Parenting Foundations deck. You receive both a set of the actual cards and a template set to produce your own cards if you wish (or you can order them from us).


A Handbook for Program Leaders that outlines a strategy for integrating all program resources in a community-based educational experience. This handbook supplements the more extensive material in the Foundations program.

The Learning About Conscience Game

A card game for use in small groups that empahsizes discussion among participants about issues related to conscience. There are 102 Knowledge, Choices, Memories, and Wisdom cards in the deck.

The Learning About Conscience Powerpoint Presentation

A 30-minute presentation using a series of Powerpoint slides that outline key issues in the development of conscience. May be downloaded by those who obtain the program.

Snow Night--An Interactive Fiction

The first episode in a potential series of interactive computer fiction for older children with the title "Forces of Nature." The program is available for download by visitors to this site. The website includes instructions for teachers and a description of interactive fiction.

All camera-ready materials are inserted in clear plastic folder. The material can be kept in this folder or added to the Basic Parenting Foundations case. Nurturing Conscience in Children can be used as a stand-alone program. Additional principles and skills, evaluation, program philosophy, and other important matters are available in the Basic Parenting Foundations package. Users with this material will have a more complete program set.

Ordering: Instructions for obtaining Nurturing Conscience in Children can be found on the Basic Parenting order form.

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