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Art Awareness Samples
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I would like to thank the Kansas Association for Family and Community Education (especially Judy Fullmer) and Kansas public school educators for their assistance in obtaining many of these art samples. Each of these works of art are used with permission of the child's parents. Click on any sample to see the larger version. For a full description of each art type, see the publication material available from Kansas State University. The on-line version of the material will eventually be found under Courses at The WonderWise Parent.

You are free to download these pictures for use in your educational programming. Just right click on the thumbnail and save the picture to your computer (follow your browser's procedure). The saved file will be full-size, not a thumbnail. You can then import the pictures into Powerpoint, Pagemaker or any other media or desktop publishing program. Please be sure to reference this web page when doing so and indicate that your use of the material is done with permission.

Sample Art Resources
Stuff 1 SampleScribble 2 SampleScribble 3 SampleScribble 4 Sample
Scribble 1 SampleScribble 2 SampleScribble 3 SampleScribble 4 Sample
Shape 1 SampleShape 2 SampleShape 3 SampleShape 4 Sample
Mandala 1 SampleMandala 2 SampleMandala 3 Sample
Sun 1 SampleSun 2 Sample
Aggregate 1 SampleAggregate 2 Sample
Person 1 SamplePerson 2 Sample
Picture 1 SamplePicture 2 SamplePicture 3 SamplePicture 4 SamplePicture 5 SamplePicture 6 Sample
Scene 1 SampleScene 2 SampleScene 3 Sample
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