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FireWorks: Anger Management (Anger Management in Adult-Child Relationships) is a Basic Parenting PLUS program designed to accompany Basic Parenting Foundations, a comprensive parent education program now available from Kansas State University. FireWorks adds new principles and skills Insights to the core program. These Insights, like Basic Parenting as a whole, will be written at a 5.5 grade level.

This Basic Parenting add-on contributes twenty-four new principles and skills. A Handbook for Program Leaders describes how the resouces can be used, including a brief introduction to FireWorks using an optional PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded here (right click your mouse on the link and save to your computer).

The Handbook, new cards, and camera-ready masters can be ordered from the Basic Parenting order page.

Other PLUS programs that preceeded FireWorks that might be worth a look is Nurturing Conscience in Children and Art Awareness (learning about children through their art).

A Week with Mary and Julep, a cooperative board game on anger management for adults and youth is now available and can also be obtained by sending us the order form.

Fireworks: An online course on anger management is now available for you to take at no cost. Clicking on this link will take you to the public version of the course. Versions of the course for gaining CEUs and college credit are also available from the Division of Continuing Education at Kansas State University.

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