The President's Desk
June 16, 2000

Dear Members and Friends:

My time to serve as your President has come to an end. However, It is with great pleasure I introduce Sarah Terwelp as your new President. I know each of you will be as supportive of her as you have been with me during the past year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your support of PEAK’S efforts. As well as, bring you up to date on the changes we have made in an effort to better serve you.

In my last letter I talked about the strategic planning retreats the Board attended and how we decided to re-organize our Board of Directors by enlarging it to become more inclusive so we have a larger body of knowledge to draw from and network with.

Yesterday at our Annual Board Meeting we took the following actions that we feel will help us to better serve the membership: We have expended our Board of Directors from a maximum 12 to 20. Currently we have four working committees: Education, Membership, Nominations, and the Communication & Web-site Committees, If you would like to serve on any of the above committees and volunteer your expertise you can email me at or contact any board member.

We have decided to have quarterly Board Meetings with an open invitation to all PEAK members to attend. Immediately following the Board meeting there will be a In-srevice training provided free of charge for all PEAK’S members as well as, a best practice, warm-up, or closing-activity for members to get ideas to use for your own trainings. The dates for future PEAK Board meetings are September 21, 2000 / December 14, 2000 / March 15, 2001 and our next annual meeting is on June 21, 2001.

On September 21, Chuck Smith will present a Program on Developing a Conscience in Children. So please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

The Communication Committee: "Chuck Smith" Chair is requesting that members continue to send contributions to him. He has volunteered to put the information on the PEAK web site {as it becomes available.} At this point the web site will serve as a replacement for newsletter. The goal of the communication committee is to keep members informed. Plus, make contacts and encourage members to contribute to the web site.

PEAK’S goal is to continue to provide a venue for sharing ideas and improving skills. At this time, using the web site and inviting you to attend our meetings and trainings seems the most efficient way to accomplish that. The PEAK Board truly feels that we are we are an organization of people and we want to network with as many of you as possible.

Communication needs to be both ways and we welcome your comments and suggestions. The above changes are an effort on behalf of the Board to maximize our communications with the membership. Chuck and I would love to hear from you and we are open to suggestions. I hope you find the above information helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (785) 263-1799.

Pat Lacey, President
Parent Education Association of Kansas
504 S. Campbell, Abilene, KS 67410

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