These videos focus on compassion and young children and were a part of my presentations for the National Association for the Education of Young Children. For better viewing, allow videos to load into memory before starting).

Books with a conscience: Images of compassion in children’s literature (silent)

Beyond I’m Sorry: The emergence of conscience in young children

The following modules are links to MPEG-4 videos designed to accompany the course The Development of Ethical Reasoning In the Emergence of Caring and Integrity (for both FSHS 300 and FSHS 708).

Module 1. What is ethics?

Module 2. Do animals have morality?

Module 3. Is there a human nature?

Module 4. The origins of caring

Module 5. The origins of conviction

Module 6. Ethics and community

Module 7. Ethical decisions

Module 8. Willpower and emotion

Module 9. Courage of ethics

Module 10. Does evil exist?

I may list these videos at some point on a new InSight of Caring Youtube channel (nothing there now)

You can also view these videos and my discipline series at my Youtube channel. The video on spanking has had more than 19,000 views. Spanking is a critical issue for many parents and can be a controversial among professionals.

You can also take the free online noncredit “conversational courses” found at my WonderWise Parent website. A Course on Helping may be significant because of its association with caring.

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