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Yielding, receptive, responsive, devoted, submissive. Warm and nourishing, the Earth embraces and cares for us. The Earth is our Mother. When treated with respect, the Earth returns her bounty and sustains life. If abused, the Earth can become barren, poisoned.

Earth is green mixed with brown. The cycle of life, of energy and its transformation, occurs within the Earth. Earth is both new growth and rich decay. Earth is nutrients both given and received. Earth is green valleys, dark mountains, a peaceful glen. Earth is moderated by its opposite, the Sky, and is strengthened by its complement, Water. Water enriches Earth and makes it fertile.

The Earth and Parent-child Relationships

earth quoteIn parent-child relationships, earth represents showing compassion, nurturing, giving, making sacrifices, and providing support. When you think of Earth, think of the generative power of creation in giving one's bounty to another. At its best, Earth represents the act of providing food, shelter, and love to a child. Feeding a child is part of the element of the earth. Hugging, kissing, caressing and other forms of nurturing a child's spirit are part of the element of the earth as well. Where there is love and compassion, there is Earth. It is the Earth that embraces us, provides us with our home.

child exploringChildren need the quality of earth too. We can teach them how to be kind and compassionate, how to keep someone safe from danger, how to share and give, how to embrace someone in pain. We can help them realize that they have such bounty within that they can give back to life, to others, by giving expression to such earth elements. By doing so, we help them get their feet on the ground.

This capacity is strengthened by the patience and acceptance that characterizes the quality of Water. We can only love well those we know well. A deep and abiding acceptance of the other provides the basis for a mature and life-enhancing love.

forest glenOf course, earth has its limitations and its risks as well. We'll take a look at the dark side of earth on page two.

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