Every potential response to misbehavior is like a tool you can use. Instead of emphasizing one right way, responsive discipline emphasizes evaluating a circumstance to make a decision, making choices among alternative tools related to prevention, guidance, and consequences.

As you scan the cards in the toolbox, keep in mind "four rules for tools":

1) No tool will work all the time with any one child. What works one time may not work later.
2) No tool, no matter how great, works with all children. What works with one child may not work for another.
3) No parent can use every tool effectively. What works for one parent may not work for another.
4) Tools sometimes work best in combination with other tools.

Instead of handing you a formula to copy, we want to expand your knowledge of alternatives and emphasize your thoughtful choices. The more tools you have, the more effective you can be. You will have your own personal style for dealing with misbehavior and teaching your child.

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