#40 Stack your resources
Advanced, ages 2-18
Complete Worksheet #12 Stack your resources in your Responsive Discipline Journal.
When the problem occurs, perform the resource trigger before doing anything else.

Marjorie's baby Julie cries a lot. As a single parent, Marjorie is under a lot of pressure. Several times she has become angry at Julie's continued crying during the night. At these moments of fatigue, Marjorie feels like she might lose control over her actions. She wants to be more patient, loving, and relaxed when Julie starts to cry.
Patience reminds her of her grandmother who taught her to cook. Loving reminds her of an affectionate grandfather who gave her gentle hugs. For relaxing she recalls a stream she used to visit when she was a child.
While touching her hand to her heart, she recalls vividly both grandparents and what they would say to her if they were present. She also imagines the stream and all of its sounds and practices associating her memories with the heart touches several times each day, experiencing the feelings of patience, love, and serenity in her imagination.
At night when Julie begins to cry, Marjorie pauses, places her hand over her heart and recalls her resources of patience, love and serenity. After a few moments, she feels a little calmer and is ready to help her baby.

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