Prevention tools stop misbehavior before it starts. Anytime you are faced with misbehavior, ask yourself, “How could I prevent this behavior from occurring in the first place?” Prevention is the key to success. If we can prevent problems, we reduce conflict and increase happiness. The key is to recognize the moments before misbehavior and then take action to prevent its appearance.

Examine the Prevention Chart and pull the Prevention tools from your Discipline Toolbox card deck. Each of the prevention tools is organized into three categories. First, change your attitude (make an adjustment in your thinking). Second, change the situation. Third, nurture your child. “Nurture your child” is subdivided into three goals.

Make deposits in the relationship
Provide security
Teach values and behavior

Seventeen prevention tools are organized into these three categories (see the toolbox cards).

JOURNAL 21: Prevention in your past
As you were growing up did your parents show concern for prevention? You may have not been aware of it at the time, but did they anticipate potential problems and stop them before they occurred?
Complete Worksheet #10 “Selecting prevention tools” in your Responsive Discipline Journal

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