Introduction to consequences
Pull the 6 consequences tools from the Discipline Toolbox or skim through them by clicking on the tool numbers that follow here.

Then examine the Purple Consequences poster and follow the flow of decisions that begins with “Start.” The tools are in the blue boxes; the “triggers” are in gray and general actions in green. The poster will look more complicated when you first see it. Just follow the “yes” and “no” links to take you through the flow. The poster simulates making effective decisions and the choices available to you along the way.

JOURNAL 23: Consequences in your past
As you were growing up did your parents teach you through consequences? You may have not been aware of it at the time, but what did you learn from being punished? Examine the consequences tools. Did your parents use any of them with you? What effect did their use of consequences have an effect on how you raise your children.
Complete Worksheet #13 “Selecting consequences tools” in your Responsive Discipline Journal.

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