At the top of the screen is a set of tabs containing the menu of the major categories for the course: Home (where you are at now), Concepts, Limits, Strategy, Decisions and Toolbox. Note that the word “Home” is now highlighted in blue showing that you are reading information in a subtopic (“Navigation”) for the Home tab. Under the tabs is a blue bar that shows each of their subtopics. As you move from one major tab to another this line of subtopics will change. When you click on a subtopic it will be highlighted in dark blue. When you click on subtopics for Prevention, Guidance, and Consequences in the Toolbox category an additional menu will open of numbered tools with links in black text.

Click on each of the major categories tabs now to see their subtopics change and return to this page by clicking on “Home” and then “Navigation.” In addition to this menu system, there will always be “bread links” at the very bottom of the page that will allow you to back up from your current location.

This may seem a little confusing right now. In every case, the only link that is critical to follow in the course is the link that begins with “Next” below the content of the page. For example, you can see the link that follows this content (“Navigation (continued)”). To make sure you see every page in order for proceeding through the conversation you should go through the entire course by just following these links at the center bottom of each page. Some of the links in the “conversation” will not appear in the menu at the top of the page, which should only be used to navigate in a general way.

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