Your journal
Throughout this course, there will be many opportunities to stop, think, and collect your thoughts in journal form.

The Responsive Discipline Journal can contribute to your learning in two ways. First, completing each assignment takes you away from the computer and provides an opportunity to think about the material and organize your ideas and impressions of what you have learned.

Second, your journal becomes a long-term record of your experience. Years from now, you can reexamine and your entries. With the passage of time and additional experience, you might discover new avenues of knowledge that did not occur to you earlier.

The Responsive Discipline Journal is entirely for your own use. I will never ask you to submit your comments to me or anyone else (if you are taking the course for credit you may use your journal comments in your application paper or on the course forum). You may download the journal for your own personal use. Both the Responsive Discipline course and the journal are copyrighted. Therefore, you may not copy and distribute the material without permission from the author, Charles A. Smith.

Download the Responsive Discipline Journal (will open a new window).

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