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Responsive Discipline Help

Responsive Discipline is a study-on-your-own on-line course. There are no fees to pay, no tests, no credit given for completing. The on-line version is based on a publication I wrote for Kansas Research and Extension. If you would like the paper copy contact my secretary, Paula Seele at There are three different types of complementary information: Lessons, Reflections, and Tools.

Nine Lessons

There are nine lessons in the course, each accessed by clicking on the menu bar at the top of each page. Each lesson is meant to be studied in sequence over a reasonable period of time. I hope you space the lessons out, allowing time for reflection about lessons learned, rather than reading through the entire thing at one sitting.


[reflection]Several of the lessons include Reflections, activities that will encourage you to learn from your past experience or extend information in the lessons to your present experiences with your children. Each Reflection is accompanied by a lightbulb icon and is linked back to the text where it was originally placed.

49 Tools

[basic][intermediate][advanced]One of the keys to understanding Responsive Discipline is the use of discipline tools. Several lessons have links to each of the 49 tools that form the foundation of Responsive Discipline. Each tool is rated for difficulty level (basic, intermediate, advanced); its type (prevention, guidance, consequences), the ages most appropriate for the tool. Each tool consists of a definition and at least one example.

Your task is to combine these tools in a way that makes sense for you, your child, and the situation.

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