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Go to the Caringworks home pageThe Caringworks listserv is an informal group of community education professionals, teachers and parents concerned about the development of conscience, compassion, and other forms of altruism in young children. Our purpose is to use the internet to share stories, information, and knowledge drawn from a full range of religious and academic experiences. We hope to create a sort of electronic convivia, a gathering of good people who meet electronically on the Internet and World Wide Web to share and learn from each other.

Our emphasis as a group will be on engaging each other in dialogue and finding common ground. By approaching the issue of conscience from many different perspectives and life experiences, we hope to increase our insight and strengthen our ability to make a real difference in the lives of children in our communities. Because we work in the real world we prefer the pragmatic over the abstract. We would rather share ideas than push ideology. When our views differ, our focus is on understanding and reconciliation, not argument.

Membership in the Caringworks listserv is open to all. We hope to attract parents, early childhood educators, parent educators, extension educators, law enforcement officials, social workers, judicial officials, mental health professionals, and others who are concerned about the importance of early childhood experience in the formation of conscience. The greater the diversity, the greater the opportunity for enlightenment. Technical expertise and support is provided by Kansas State University. There are no fees to participate or commercial pressures. The only requirement is to have an email address and follow guidelines for participation.

If you do not have an email address (you might be reading this from a library computer, for example), you can get a free account from a couple of services. Visit either Hotmail or Angelfire to obtain a free email account that will allow you to join Caringworks and send and receive email.

To join the Caringworks listserv, just send an email to:

In your message type only:

sub caringworks

This request will be forwarded to the listowner (Chuck Smith) for approval (to reduce the likelihood of spam). You will be notified when you are officially on the list. Your email address and member information will not be used or redistributed for any other purpose.

Once registered on the listserv, send messages to the group by addressing your email to:

You will automatically receive all email in your mailbox sent to the listserv.

You can review all the messages (or post to the list) from our archives.

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