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Caringworks links page

Each of these links contribute significant insight into the kindess of both children and adults.

Go to the Caringworks home pageThe Carnegie Hero Fund Awards. The CARNEGIE HERO FUND COMMISSION was established in 1904 by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to recognize acts of outstanding civilian heroism throughout the United States and Canada and to provide financial assistance to the awardees and the dependents of those awardees who are killed or disabled by their heroic actions. When you read the accounts, see if you can find the teenage winners.

Go to the Caringworks home pageThe Touch Research Institute. Touch Research International, comprised of the Touch Research Institutes and the Touch Research Foundation, is dedicated to scientifically demonstrating the benefits of touch therapy and establishing its credibility with the medical community.

Go to the Caringworks home pageThe Everyday Hero. A website designed for teachers of 10-12-year old children to promote learning about fear, courage and heroism (developed by the author of The WonderWise Parent).

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