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The WonderWise Parent has received the following web awards:

[Magellan winner] [EZ Connect Best of the Net] [Mental Health Net winner] [Delta winner] [NBN Soft winner]

[Critical Mass winner] [MikenSharyi award] [CyberMom award] Fairy Award

FNRC Award Kaz_i's Friendly AwardReal Estate Gold AwardMining Company

Bookmark this one, moms and dads. Hats off to Kansas State's Dr. Charles Smith for this freebie site that provides parents with an enlightening and amusing respite from the challenging job of parenting. Through his online course on Responsive Discipline, information on a growing ParentShare network, and superb links to other parenting sites, Smith promotes his parenting philosophy --a dynamic link between children's humanity and parents' intuition and the need to accept the uncertainty and magic in all human interactions. For a pause that refreshes, dip into the Reflecting Pool to enjoy a quiet moment of thought about your wishes and dreams as a parent or take a 'time out' to read the Good Humor pages. Smith's site is an expertly crafted, sensual delight, made all the more attractive by his chatty communiques about what's new, what's worked and what hasn't, and what he's planning in updates. (Magellan review)

Celebrate!!!! EZ Connect has awarded your site Best of the Net. You have one of the best and most useful sites on the Internet and we'd like to award you for that.... The WonderWise Parent provides parents with an enlightening and amusing respite from the challenging job of parenting. (EZ Connect review)

The WonderWise Parent was created by Charles A. Smith, Ph.D., and offers a free, self-paced parenting course called Responsive Discipline. One of the most well-planned parenting resources on the Web, it not only leads you through a series of lessons about discipline, but provides scripts for responding to specific types of childhood misbehavior. (January 1997 issue of HomePC magazine)

Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the Critical Mass Award. ... A *very* nice site!! Good design and tasteful graphics and your information is presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise! Thanks for making the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. (Bill Darling at

Sweet, gentle, and innovative, WonderWise Parent offers moms and dads the tools they need to help themselves and their children become everything they want to be. Nicely organized with pretty icons and minimalist text intros to topics, the site includes a Reflecting Pool, which is a space for contemplating the moments of both frustration and joy that come to most parents, and for developing your own reflective powers. (from YPN.con)

Congratulations! The CyberMom Dot Com has deemed your site worthy of our 2 Hot 2 Handle Site of the Day medal. You will be linked from our 2 Hot 2 Handle page on February 13, 1997. Earning this designation is quite a distinction. We look for web sites that are likely to be appreciated by our CyberMoms: sites that generally seek to delight, inform or amuse by exhibiting excellence in graphics, content, or both. Of course it helps if there's something of special interest to a mom with a modem too! (CyberMom Review)

This award is given out to sites that are truly magical, that have something special about them. These sites may or may not be fairy related, but have the spirit of the fae. Sites are rated on their content, web design, what they are sharing with people around the world, ways that they are helping to make the world a better place, basically all around wonderful! (Lavendise Review)

My name is Michael Hanson and I'm writing to let you know that your Internet site has been selected as a winner of the FNRC Website Award. This award is given only to a select number of Internet sites... sites which provide information, supports or services for individuals who have developmental disabilities. The FNRC Website Award is presented through Far Northern Regional Center. FNRC is one of 21 regional centers serving the people of California. I work for FNRC as a Residential Services Specialist, and have developed and maintain our Internet site at:

I just wanted to let you know that I have linked to your wonderful site from the Parenting of K-6 Children topic at The Mining Company. It is listed in the Resource List under Discipline Your Child and also on the Best of the Net page. You are also included in a feature about Parenting Experts on the were chosen as Best of the Net....
Kimberly Keith, Parenting of K-6 Children, The Mining Company

Kaz_i's Friendly Award is a prize given to owners of cool, friendly sites on the net. Your site is qualified for what I think a friendly site should be. I am really happy to award you with the Kaz_i's Friendly Award.

The Real Estate Library would like to acknowledge you for a great Web site. The Library has visited your site at random and has found it to be worthy to receive our highest award, PURE GOLD, for design, content, accessibility, and relevance to the Internet community. This is awarded to less than 1% of all Internet sites. We congratulate you for your commitment to excellence. It is FREE and carries no reciprocal obligation on your part. You earned it... we have just acknowledged you for your efforts.

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