President's Welcome

Greetings True Believers,

The Website is currently under construction.

God Bless,

Jahvelle Rhone (President)

Workers Of Wisdom meets every thursday at 8:00pm in Union Room 212

Updates & Annoucments

| FISH FRY | March 12, 2006
Just a reminder that W.O.W will be having tables Monday til Wednesday at the union from 10am to 2pm. If you need tickets for the fish fry there will be some available. And we will also be selling them after BSU on tuesday. Tickets are $5. I hope to see you all there. Remember bible study is also this thursday at 8pm. Have a wonderful and blessed week
| New Site Design Posted | December 25, 2005
The new site design has been posted. There is still two pages (leadership & photos) that are in the process of being completed.
| Page Posted | December 28, 2005
The leadership page posted.
| WOW T-Shirts| December 28, 2005
WOW T-Shirts will be up for sale soon!