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Maya is a Double-yellowheaded Amazon (Amazona oratrix), which are normally found in a variety of forest types along the Pacific and Gulf slopes of central Mexico. Native populations have been decimated by habitat destruction and trapping for the pet bird trade. Yellow-headed Amazons are one of the most sought-after parrots in captivity and are considered to be among the best "talkers." The wild population probably totals less than 7000 at present, and the species is considered endangered.  

Maya was domestically bred and hand-reared by a reputable parrot breeder in Michigan. At 5.5 years old, she is still a very young bird for a species that can live 70 years or more. Maya sports an immature plumage, in that her head is only partially yellow. The amount of yellow feathering on the head increases with age, and her entire head should be mostly yellow after 10 years of age.

In the wild, amazons eat a variety of seeds and fruits, and may cause damage to crops such as maize, mango and unripe bananas. Maya also eats a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, pasta, meat or scrambled eggs, cheese or yogurt, pellets and a little bit of seed on a daily basis. Her current favorite foods are steak (she's quite the little carnivore!), spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, french toast, oatmeal, orange pellets, cheddar cheese, and 'Great Grains' cereal mixed with yogurt.

Can she talk? Yes! Maya is building up an impressive vocabulary, acquired mostly through daily interaction with her human flock, and thus she often uses words or phrases in the appropriate context. She can also sing "Oh what a beautiful morning!", "Jingle Bells", and “Everything’s coming up roses.”  Some of her favorite expressions are

Hello (Hi), how are ya?!" "'s good! Want some?"  
"Good Morning!"  


"Hi pretty girl!"   "Gimme a kiss. *smack*  Thank you!"  
"Good girl!"  

"What's out there?"  

“Meeeow!”   “What’s the baby say?  Waa Waa Waa Waaaa”
"Careful! Are you okay?"   "Come here"  
"Want some water? No? Okay." "Go poopy!"

"'Night 'night"

"Bye bye!"