History of the KSU Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society

Compiled from past Histories * by Chad Willemssen
President, 1997-1998

The Kansas State University (KSU) Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society was founded in 1964 by a group of students interested in issues surrounding fish, wildlife, and natural resources conservation. The Chapter has been active since its founding; serving both the KSU community and its students. In specific, the Chapter serves the students in the Fisheries and Wildlife Biology curriculum, but all KSU students who have an interest in fish and/or wildlife are invited to join and will benefit from the group community and activities.

The Chapter has traditionally met twice a month, a tradition kept by the present Chapter members. Current and past meetings are and were designed to give students and other university members an opportunity to hear distinguished speakers in the fields of wildlife, fisheries, natural resource management, administration, and research; to discuss and learn more about the technical problems and political issues involved in conservation; and to actively learn management and teaching techniques via hands-on activities.

The Student Chapter's many projects throughout the past 30 odd years reflect its diversity. An annual calendar sale and a used book sale have become traditional fund-raisers. The resultant moneys have been used in a variety of ways, including the funding of Chapter functions such as the Annual Spring Banquet; travel reimbursement for students attending professional meetings and conferences; and providing accommodations for guest speakers. The Chapter has also traditionally participated in an All-University Activities Carnival in which various clubs across campus advertise their activities to new students and to prospective new members. Other past activities have included:

  • operation of a deer check station on the Fort Riley Military Reservation
  • funding and distribution of several scholarships
  • spreading straw for Northern Pike propagation at Council Grove Reservoir
  • publication of several booklets
  • placement of cedar trees for crappie nesting beds in the Tuttle Creek Reservoir
  • netting and tagging of geese in conjunction with the Kansas Fish and Game Commission (now the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks)
  • assisting in the burning of grasslands on the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area
  • instructing and assisting in the instruction of Hunter Safety Courses
  • testifying before State Legislative Committees regarding bills of importance to the Chapter
  • placing and maintaining wood duck nest boxes around Tuttle Creek Reservoir
  • assisting the KSU Division of biology during Science Day
  • helping the local 4-H club with a project involving the study of birds
  • training for Project Wild and Project Aquatic
  • giving presentations on fish and wildlife to students in the local K-12 public schools

The Chapter has distinguished itself in several ways. First, in 1971, our Chapter hosted the very first Midwest Wildlife Student Conclave. The initiation of this educational event for fish and wildlife students in the Midwest was and is a substantial accomplishment for the Chapter, and members from the Chapter have participated in nearly every Conclave held since.

Our Chapter has also distinguished itself through the publication of several booklets. In 1964 a 20 page booklet entitled Tuttle Creek Fishing Guide was published. This booklet described the biology of 16 species of fish and over 3000 copies were distributed. Upland Game Birds of Kansas was published in the fall of 1966 and over 5000 copies were distributed. Later publications included Big Game in Kansas (1968) with 5000 copies distributed, and Trophy Care: Field to Taxidermist (1971) with 3000 copies distributed. Finally, in the summer of 1997, the Chapter published this Web page which will provide information about the Chapter, its history and current activities, and serve as a resource and communications medium for our members, for the KSU community, and beyond.

*Past Histories of the Chapter were compiled in 1984 (David J. Gabriel), 1975 (no author noted), 1973 (no author noted), and 1968 (no author noted). All these histories are in the files of the Chapter Office in 205 Ackert Hall.

Bylaws of the KSU Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Inc.

Article 1. Name, Area, Affiliation and Symbols

Section 1. NAME - The name of this organization shall be the Kansas State University Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society.

Section 2. AREA - This Student Chapter shall have as its area of organization the campus and environs of Kansas State University.

Section 3. CRITERIA FOR AFFILIATION - The Kansas State University Student Chapter shall conform to the Bylaws, Code of Ethics, objectives, policies and positions as adopted by the Wildlife Society, Inc. (Hereinafter, The Wildlife Society, Inc. may be referred to as The Society.) The Student Chapter also shall maintain appropriate affiliation with the campus or student government organizations required by Kansas State University regulations.

Section 4. SYMBOLS - This Student Chapter shall have as its symbol, the logo of The Society. The hieroglyphics in the logo may be interpreted from top to bottom as Mammals, Birds, Fishes, and Flowering Plants, thus signifying the broad interest of the Student Chapter.

Article II. Objectives

Section 1. OBJECTIVES - Consistent with the objectives of The Society, the Kansas State University Student Chapter objectives are:

1. This Student Chapter shall practice the principles, policies, objectives, and Code of Ethics of The Society.
2. Promote sound stewardship of wildlife and fisheries resources and of the environment upon which wildlife and humans depend.
3. Undertake an active role in preventing human-induced environmental degradation.
4. Increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife and fish values.
5. Seek the highest standards in all activities of the wildlife profession.
6. Facilitate student contact with wildlife and fisheries professionals and others in related areas.
Section 2. IMPLEMENTATION - To aid in the achievement of these objectives, this Student Chapter proposes to:

1. Assist students in understanding the needs and objectives of employers.
2. Evaluate and respond to the principles involved in proposed or enacted societal actions that could affect wildlife or its habitats.
3. Encourage professionalism and high standards of scholarship by providing opportunities to learn from wildlife and fisheries professionals at lectures and conferences.
4. Increase public awareness of the values of wildlife through public exhibits, programs and workshops.

Article III. Chapter Year

The Student Chapter operating and fiscal year shall begin 1 May, although the Student Chapter's financial reporting must follow The Society's calendar year schedule.

Article IV. Membership

Section 1. VOTING MEMBER - Voting membership in the Kansas State University Student Chapter shall be available to any voting member of The Society who is a registered student at Kansas State University. Only Student Chapter Voting Members may hold elective offices in the Student Chapter, vote on official matters affecting The Society, and officially represent the Student Chapter on business of The Society by Board or officer appointment.

Section 2. OTHER MEMBER - Other membership in the Kansas state University student Chapter shall be available to any person who, although either not a member of The Society and/or not a registered student at Kansas State University, has an interest in the objectives and activities of the Student Chapter and has paid Student Chapter dues. Other members shall be entitled to all right, privileges and responsibilities of Student Chapter Voting Members, including voting in student Chapter elections and other official matters except those reserved for Voting members (Article IV, Section 1).

Section 3. CHARTER MEMBER - Voting and Other Members in good standing on the membership rolls as of September, 1964 shall be considered Charter Members.

Section 4. HONORARY MEMBER - Honorary Members of the Kansas State University Student Chapter shall be non-students who, by a majority vote of all Student Chapter members, have been thus recognized for their achievement. A Student Chapter Honorary member need not pay Student Chapter dues and may not vote or hold office.

Section 5. STUDENT CHAPTER ADVISOR - At least 1 faculty member who is a current voting member of The Society shall serve as Student Chapter Advisor.

Section 6. RESIGNATION - Members may resign at any time by giving notice to the Student Chapter's Secretary, or will be considered to have resigned if the student Chapter dues are not paid.

Section 7. REINSTATEMENT - Persons who are dropped from the rolls of the Student Chapter for non-payment of dues or resignation may be reinstated into membership in the Student Chapter upon payment of appropriate dues.

Article V. Elections and Officers

Section 1. ELECTION APPLICATIONS - Only voting members of the Student Chapter may run for an elected office by filling an applications form for that office with the Executive Board of the Student Chapter at least 14 days prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Applications will be publicly displayed for Student Chapter members to review.

Section 2. BALLOTING - Written ballots shall be received from the members by the secretary and shall be counted by two officers that are not running for an elected office.

CLAUSE A - Members in arrears shall forfeit their rights to vote during the period of their delinquency.
CLAUSE B - A signed absentee ballot may be submitted to the Executive Board by a member prior to the scheduled time for counting ballots.
CLAUSE C - The candidate receiving the largest number of votes on the written ballot shall be declared elected. No one may hold more than one elected position simultaneously. Ties shall be decided by a public coin toss.

Section 3. OFFICERS - Officers of the Kansas State University Student Chapter shall consist of a President, Vice-President Wildlife, Vice-President Fisheries, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their duties are:

CLAUSE A - President- The President shall have general supervision of the Student Chapter officers and operations, shall preside as Chairperson at meetings of the Executive Board, shall be an ex officio member of all committees, and shall communicate Student Chapter information to the membership through the student Chapter Newsletter. The President may represent the Student Chapter of appoint alternate representatives to other Chapter, Section or Society boards, committees, or meetings.
CLAUSE B - Vice-Presidents - A Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the temporary absence of the President, and shall perform any duties assigned to the President. A vote by the membership of the Student Chapter shall determine which Vice-President shall fill the vacancy. In the event the Vice-Presidents cannot serve in the President's absence, the Executive Board shall appoint a President, pro tempore.
CLAUSE C - Secretary - The Secretary shall be responsible for the recording of the minutes, the maintenance of the membership rolls, ballot preparation, and the issuance of meeting notices.
CLAUSE D - Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be responsible for the Student Chapter files, records, and funds, and shall submit complete financial reports to the last meeting of his(her) term of office. Duties also shall include the receipt and disbursement of funds.
CLAUSE E - Executive Board - The Executive board shall act as the governing body for the student Chapter and shall be made up of the above named officers. Duties not mentioned in the clauses above shall be divided among the Executive Board members at their discretion.

Section 4. TERM OF OFFICE - The officers must be voting members of The society, serve for approximately one year, be installed at the Annual Banquet, take office immediately following the Annual Banquet, and unless re-elected, terminate their duties at the conclusion of the next Annual Banquet, or at such time as their successors are elected and installed. A member may hold the same elective position for no more than 2 consecutive terms.

Section 5. VACANCIES - If the office of President is vacated for any reason, a Vice-President (see Section 3, Clause B) shall assume the duties of the President for the balance of the unexpired term of the President. All other vacancies in any unexpired term of an elected office shall be filled through appointment by the Executive Board. All appointees must be Voting Members of the Student Chapter and The Society.

Article VI. Meetings

Section 1. REGULAR MEETINGS - Regular membership meeting shall be held at such times and places as determined and published by the executive Board. There shall be no less than 10 meetings each school year.

CLAUSE A - Annual Banquet - The regular meeting in April shall be known as the Annual Banquet, and shall be for electing or installing officers, receiving reports of officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise.
CLAUSE B - Meeting Notice - Members must be notified at least 5 days prior to annual, regular, and special meetings.
CLAUSE C - Quorum - Quorum for annual, regular, and special meetings of the student Chapter shall be over 50 percent of the membership or 10 members in good standing, whichever is less; and for Executive Board meetings, four members of the Board.
CLAUSE D - Order of business and parliamentary procedures at Student Chapter meetings shall follow Robert's Rules of Order, latest revision.
CLAUSE E - Bylaws - Student Chapter Bylaws shall be available for inspection every meeting. If these Bylaws are revised, the new revision must be approved by The Society before becoming effective.

Section 2. SPECIAL MEETINGS - Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board at any time, provided due notice (Article VI, Section 1B) and the purpose of the call is given.

CLAUSE A - Only items listed in the call for a special meeting shall be acted upon at the special meeting.
CLAUSE B- All clauses under Section 1 of this Article also apply to special meetings.

Article VII. Management and Finances

Section 1. EXECUTIVE BOARD - The Kansas state University Student Chapter shall be governed by an executive Board composed of its officers duly elected to the Board.

CLAUSE A - Conduct - The Executive board shall conduct its affairs in conformance with the provisions of these Bylaws, and those of The Society. The Executive Board is authorized to act for the Student Chapter between meetings and shall report its interim actions to the members at each succeeding membership meeting. Any board action may be overridden by two-thirds of the Voting Members attending a membership meeting.
CLAUSE B - Attendance - Members may attend Board meetings, but may participate therein only when asked to do so, and they may not vote at such meetings.

Section 2. FINANCE - Funds of the Kansas State University Student Chapter shall be under the supervision of the Executive Board and shall be handled by the Treasurer. The financial records of the Kansas State University Chapter shall be available for review by any Voting Member at any time.

CLAUSE A - The Treasurer need not be bonded.
CLAUSE B - Funds shall be derived from dues, special assessments, work projects, and contributions.
CLAUSE C - Funds shall be placed in a federally-insured bank or savings and loan association.

Section 3. REPORTS - Within 20 days after an election of other official actions, the Secretary shall report such actions to the Executive Director of The Wildlife Society, The Central Mountains and Plains Section Representative, and The Central Mountains and Plains Section President. An annual report and activity time sheets for the President shall be forwarded to these same parties. A statement of calendar-year income and expenses, together with starting and ending balances, must be submitted by the Treasurer to the Executive Director of the Wildlife Society in January of each year for federal tax reporting by The Society office.

Section 4. FILES - The Student Chapter shall maintain a file containing: Bylaws of The Wildlife Society, the Central Mountains and Plains Section, and the Kansas State University Chapter; minutes of all regular and special meetings of the membership and of the Executive Board; correspondence pertinent to Student Chapter affairs; all committee reports; financial statement and records; and all other material designated as pertinent by the Executive Board. A "procedure for filing" shall be kept in the Student Chapter file for the guidance of each succeeding Secretary. A student Chapter "Operations Manual" provided by The Society will be maintained by the student Chapter President and a written record of transfer of this manual to the incoming President shall be maintained and The Society shall be notified of each such transfer.

Section 5. RESOLUTIONS AND PUBLIC STATEMENTS - Two or more members may submit resolutions or statements to the Executive Board for possible consideration. These shall be accepted or rejected by the Board and, if involving new policy, prepared for submissions to the Student Chapter membership. Such new items must be approved by two-thirds of the Student Chapter membership voting and must be transmitted to The Society, the Central Mountains and Plains Section Representative, and the Central Mountains and Plains President, if approved. Actions falling within previously established Student Chapter policies may be carried out by any Student Chapter officer upon unanimous approval of the Executive Board. On issues where there are no previously established Student Chapter policies and that demand action on a reasonably short notice, the President, or designated representative, may present a Public Statement on behalf of the student Chapter provided that:

1) the concept of the statement be brought to the Executive Board's attention and accepted by them prior to public issuing of the statement; and
2) copies of the statement are sent to the membership within 15 days after public issuing of the statement. Furthermore, the Kansas State University Student Chapter may issue statements pertaining to subjects in its locale:

a) when the content of the statement falls within the established policy of The Society; and
b) in the absence of existing position statement by The Society,.The Kansas State University Student Chapter will not issue statements that may be in conflict with the policy of The Society without prior approval of The Society's Council. All statements will follow the "Guidelines of Conservation Affairs Activities" (Appendix 4. 421b of the Operations Manual) and conform to The Soceity's plicy regarding conservative affairs (Appendix 4.421a of the Operations Manual). The Student Chapter membership, The Wildlife Society, the Central Mountains and Plains Section Representative, and the Central Mountains and Plains Section President must receive copies of any approved Resolution or Public Statement within 15 days of any such action.

Article VIII. Committees

Section 1. APPOINTMENTS - The Student Chapter President shall consider suggestions of the Executive Board in appointing chairs of all regular standing committees and all special committees such as awards and hospitality. Committee chairs shall complete their committees with the Executive Board's assistance. All committee chairs shall submit a written summary of committee activities to the President and the Secretary before the close of each annual Student Chapter business meeting.


CLAUSE A - Membership - This committee shall encourage the maximum number of qualified persons attending Kansas state University to become members of The Wildlife Society, the Central Mountains and Plains Section, and the Kansas State University Chapter. This committee shall maintain a list of all students at Kansas State University who list wildlife management or related fields as their major subject and encourage them to be active in the Student Chapter.
CLAUSE B - Program and activities - This committee shall propose programs for all meetings and provide the Executive Board with a proposed agenda for the nest year by the date of the Annual Banquet.
CLAUSE C - Conservation Review - This committee shall review legislative proposals, administrative regulations, environmental assessments and impact statements, and other subjects or issues affecting wildlife or wildlife habitat with the organizational area of the Student Chapter and make recommendations to the Executive Board for any action that should be taken the Kansas State University Chapter. The Chair may ask any Student Chapter member to assist with reviews.
CLAUSE D - Education and Information - This committee shall seek and employ methods of informing the public of basic wildlife and fisheries management concepts and of Student Chapter and Society activities and interests.
CLAUSE E - Other Duties - Specific projects may be assigned to the Standing Committees at the discretion of the Executive Board.
CLAUSE D - Special Committees - These committees may be suggested by the Voting Members with prior approval of the Executive Board and in accordance with The Society's Bylaws.

Section 3. ACCOUNTABILITY- All committees shall be accountable to the Executive Board under the general supervision of the President.

Section 4. TENURE - All committees shall serve approximately 1 year, beginning with the fall semester and ending at the Annual Banquet.

Article IX. Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the Kansas State University Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society, its Executive Board shall transfer all assets, accrued income, and other properties to The Council of The Wildlife Society with the understanding that said assets will be held for a maximum of 5 years from the date of dissolution of the Student Chapter, for redistribution to another chapter that may be established in approximately the same geographical area with the said 5-year period. If another chapter is not established within said area and period of time, The Society Council may use or distribute all assets, accrued income, and other properties as best determined by The Council in accordance with Society Bylaws.

Article X. Amendment to Bylaws

Section 1. PROCEDURE - These Bylaws may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of the Student Chapter Voting Members at any annual, regular, or special meeting if due notice of the proposed changes is given at least 15 days prior to the vote. A members who will be absent from the meeting may file an absentee ballot (Article V, Section 2B).

Section 2. CONFORMANCE - No amendment to these Bylaws shall be enacted that results in a conflict with The Wildlife Society's Bylaws. If these Bylaws are revised, the new revision must be approved by The Society before becoming effective.

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