Spring 2015

Upcoming Events

Four students including Brett Budach, Suzy Curnutt, Taylor Gibson, and Richard Rogers along with our Graduate Advisor, Drew Ricketts and his wife attended the Western Student Wildlife Conclave in Kingsville, TX.  KSU placed 1st in the Relay Race, Brett received 3rd in Plant ID, and Richard received 2nd in Turkey Game Calling.


Annual Spring Banquet is on April, 10th.
Our next meeting will be March 24th at 6:30pm in Ackert 324.   Election Nominations Due!

Our Chapter

The student chapter office is located in 205 Ackert Hall. We also maintain a bulletin board and display case on the 2nd floor of Ackert, so come on over and check us out!

Any KSU student with an interest in wildlife or the outdoors is welcome. You do not have to be a Wildlife Biology and Fisheries major to join! You can join at any time during the year.

We meet at 6:30pm every other Tuesday and on occasional weekend days for special events. If you are interested in dropping by, please e-mail one of the officers for details.

Meetings are in Ackert 324. Special meeting locations will be announced during regular meetings, and on our listserv.

 Yearly dues are $10.00. This cost goes towards guest speakers and activities that the Chapter attends or hosts.

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     Current Officers(left to right):
          Back: Dylan Crawford, Carl Bowden, Graham Zurschmiede
          Front: Taylor Gibson, Andrea Harkins, Emily Ferlemann


Carl Bowden

V-President of Wildlife
Dylan Crawford
Email: dbcrawf95@ksu.edu

V-President of Fisheries
Graham Zurschmiede
Email: zurscgra000@ksu.edu

Emily Ferlemann
Email: photoelf@ksu.edu

Andrea Harkins
Email: andrea22@ksu.edu

Taylor Gibson
Email: taylor93@ksu.edu


Dr. David Haukos
Office: 205 Leasure Hall
Email: dhaukos@ksu.edu

Graduate Advisor

Drew Ricketts              Office: 423 Ackert Hall (785)307-3831             Email: arickett@ksu.edu                                   


Suggestions for the Kansas State Chapter of the Wildlife Society? Email taylor93@ksu.edu

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