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Classification of Triticum according to Schiemann 1948.

In its time, Schiemann's 1948 monograph [reference] was viewed as a modern monographic revision of Triticum. Its publication date was delayed by World War II, which also had a hand in diminishing the monograph's impact. This phylogenetic treatment closely follows Flaksberger with some changes in names. Schiemann's treatment separates the species into wild and domesticated groups with a further subdivision of the domesticated taxa into three categories of spelt (hulled), naked, and compact wheats. The classification is presented here in its original form with corrections in spelling and authority citations.

Triticum L.

Monoccoca Flaksb.

2n = 14

Dicoccoidea Flaksb.

2n = 28

Speltoidea Flaksb.

2n = 42

Wildformem (wild forms)

Triticum boeoticum Boiss. Triticum dicoccoides (Körn. ex Asch. & Graebner) Schweinf.  
  Triticum timopheevii (Zhuk.) Zhuk.  
(spelt wheats)
Triticum monococcum L.
Triticum dicoccum Schrank ex. Schübler Triticum spelta L.
    Triticum macha Dekapr. & Menabde
(naked wheats)
  Triticum durum Desf. Triticum aestivum L.
  Triticum turgidum L. Triticum sphaerococcum Percival
  Triticum orientale Percival  
  Triticum polonicum L.  
  Triticum carthlicum Nevski  
Gestrichene Arten
(compact species)
  Triticum armeniacum (Stolet.) Nevski Triticum compactum Host
  Triticum volgense (Flaskb.) Nevski  
  Triticum pyramidale Percival  

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