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Classification of Triticum according to Mac Key 1988

The original Mac Key classification of Triticum appeared in the 1966 proceedings volume for the 2nd International Wheat Genetics Symposium [reference and classification]. In 1975, Mac Key offered a revised version in an oral presentation at the 12th Botanical Congress held in Leningrad [St. Petersburg]. Because the Congress Proceedings did not include his article, Mac Key published his revised treatment in a 1977 proceedings volume for a relatively obscure symposium held in Bari, Italy [see references] and again in 1988 [see references] in the research journal Biologisches Zentralblatt. The 1988 publication is used here as the official citation of the current Mac Key Triticum classification. The revised 1988 classification added Triticum urartu and changed the names T. turgidum subsp. paleocolchicum to T. turgidum subsp. georgicum, T. timopheevii subsp. araraticum to T. timopheevii subsp. armeniacum, and changed the section assignment of T. zhukovskyi. It is presented here with corrections in authority citations.

Triticum L.

>subsp. spelta (L.) Thell.
Section Monococca Flaksb.
Triticum monococcum L.
subsp. monococcum
subsp. boeoticum (Boiss.) Á.Löve & D.Löve
var. aegilopoides (Link) MacKey
var. thaoudar (Reuter in Bourg. ex Hausskn.) Percival
Triticum urartu Tumanian ex Gandilyan
Section Dicoccoidea Flaksb.
Triticum turgidum L.
subsp. turgidum
conv. turgidum
conv. durum (Desf.) MacKey
conv. turancium (Jakubz.) MacKey
conv. polonicum (L.) MacKey
subsp. carthlicum (Nevski in Kom.) Á.Löve & D.Löve.
subsp. dicoccum (Schrank ex Schübler) Thell.
subsp. georgicum (Dekapr. & Menabde) MacKey
subsp. dicoccoides (Körn. ex Asch. & Graebner) Thell.
Triticum timopheevii (Zhuk.) Zhuk.
subsp. timopheevii
subsp. armeniacum (Jakubz.) MacKey
Section Speltoidea Flaksb.
Triticum aestivum L.
subsp. aestivum
subsp. compactum (Host) MacKey
subsp. macha (Dekapr. & Menabde) MacKey
subsp. sphaerococcum (Percival) MacKey
Triticum zhukovskyi Menabde & Ericzjan
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