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Classification of Aegilops and Amblyopyrum according to Eig 1929.

The Eig classification [references] is frequently encountered in the literature. Although the Zhukovsky classification published in 1928 has priority, most early wheat researchers followed Eig. The original 1929 classification is presented here without corrections except in authority citations and includes Eig's move of 'mutica' into the genus Amblyopyrum in a subsequent publication.

Aegilops L.

Section Pleionathera Eig  
Subsection Adhaerens Eig  
Aegilops variabilis Eig [illegitimate]
subsp. eu-variabilis Eig & Feinbrun  
var. typica  
var. intermedia Eig & Feinbrun  
var. latiuscula Eig & Feinbrun  
var. multiaristata Eig & Feinbrun  
var. mutica Eig & Feinbrun  
var. peregrina (Hackel) Eig & Feinbrun  
var. planispicula Eig & Feinbrun  
subsp. cylindrostachys Eig & Feinbrun  
var. aristata Eig & Feinbrun  
var. brachyathera Eig & Feinbrun  
var. elongata Eig & Feinbrun  
Aegilops kotschyi Boiss.  
var. typica  
var. caucasica Eig  
var. hirta Eig  
var. leptostachya (Bornm.) Eig  
var. palaestina Eig  
Subsection Libera Eig  
Aegilops biuncialis Vis.  
var. typica  
var. archipelagica Eig  
var. macrochaeta (Shuttlew. & A.Huet) Eig  
Aegilops columnaris Zhuk.  
var. typica  
var. glabriuscula Eig  
Aegilops ovata L. [ambiguous]
subsp. eu-ovata  
var. africana Eig  
var. eventricosa Eig  
var. hirsuta Eig  
var. vulgaris Eig  
subsp. atlantica Eig  
var. brachyathera (Pomel) Eig  
var. echinus (Godron) Eig  
var. latiaristata Lange  
Aegilops triaristata Willd. (4x and 6x) [ambiguous]
subsp. typica  
var. quadriaristata Eig  
var. trojana Eig  
var. vulgaris Eig  
subsp. contracta Eig  
Aegilops triuncialis L.  
subsp. eu-triuncialis Eig  
var. typica  
var. constantinopolitana Eig  
subsp. orientalis Eig  
var. anathera Hausskn. & Bornm. in Bornm.  
var. assyriaca Eig  
var. persica (Boiss.) Eig  
Aegilops umbellulata Zhuk.  
subsp. typica  
subsp. pilosa Boiss.  
Section Macrathera Eig  
Aegilops caudata L. [ambiguous]
var. typica  
var. polyathera Boiss.  
Aegilops comosa Sm. in Sibth. & Sm.  
subsp. eu-comosa Eig  
var. typica  
var. ambigua Eig  
var. thessalica Eig  
subsp. heldreichii (Holzm. ex Boiss.) Eig  
var. achaica Eig  
var. biaristata Eig  
var. subventricosa Boiss.  
Aegilops uniaristata Vis.  
Section Monoleptathera Eig  
Aegilops cylindrica Host  
var. typica  
var. pauciaristata Eig  
Section Platystachys Eig  
Subsection Emarginata Eig  
Aegilops bicornis (Forsskål) Jaub. & Spach  
var. typica  
var. mutica (Asch.) Eig  
Aegilops longissima (Schweinf. & Muschl. in Muschl.) Eig  
Aegilops sharonensis Eig  
var. typica  
var. major Eig  
Subsection Truncata Eig  
Aegilops speltoides Tausch  
var. typica  
var. polyathera (Boiss.) Eig  
Aegilops ligustica (Savig.) Cosson  
Section Pachystachys Eig  
Subsection Oligomorpha Eig  
Aegilops squarrosa L. [illegitimate]
subsp. eu-squarrosa Eig  
var. typica  
var. anathera Eig  
var. meyeri Griseb. in Ledeb.  
subsp. strangulata Eig  
Subsection Polymorpha Eig  
Aegilops crassa Boiss. (4x and 6x)  
var. typica  
var. glumiaristata Eig  
var. macrathera Boiss.  
var. palaestina Eig  
Aegilops juvenalis (Thell.) Eig  
Subsection Occidentalis Eig  
Aegilops ventricosa Tausch  
var. comosa (Cosson. & Durand) Eig  
var. truncata (Cosson. & Durand) Eig  
var. vulgaris Eig  

Amblyopyrum (Jaub. & Spach) Eig

Ambylopyrum muticum (Boiss.) Eig  
var. typicum  
var. loliaceum (Jaub. & Spach) Eig  
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