The Club's Constitution can be found HERE.

A powerpoint going over most aspects of the team can be downloaded HERE.


Q: What if I don't know how to ski?
A: We will teach you everything you need to know and if we can't, we know who can! This is first and foremost a CLUB SPORT and anybody and everybody is more than welcome to join. Our group consists of all levels of skiiers!

Q: What if I don't have any ski equipment or the right kind?
A: We have a trailer FULL of all kinds of water ski equipment from many decades. Also, you could get buddy-buddy with someone and they might even share their cool gear with you! We continually fundraise to keep equipment up-to-date and usable.

Q: Where do you practice? How often do you practice? What boats are available?
A: We practice at the Tuttle Creek Lake just north of Manhattan. It should only take you 10-15 minutes to get there depending on where you live. We have a slalom course and jump ramp at Stockdale Cove. During August, September, and early October there is generally at least one boat at the lake with members practicing every day. We have no team boat, but we are blessed with some great alumni that are generous enough to take us out. Some of the team members have boats that we also go out on for practice.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Dues - $45 each semester; free for your first semester on the team.
Practice - $7 a pull paid in cash, same day, to your driver.
Tourneys - $35 entry fee, split travel gas with team, buy your own food and drinks.These prices could be free or reduced if we got some great fundraisers with enthusiastic team members doing them!

Q: What is a pull?
A: A pull is from the time you hop in the water until you are tired.

Q: Since I am just a beginner at skiing, why should I bother going to tournaments?
A: In essence, we are all amatuers. Ski tourneys are the funnest time of the year! They are the whole reason it is fun to go practice. We camp out with each other and normally 20 other teams depending on what tournament you are at. Sometimes they even provide free dinner. You get to water ski behind top quality, brand new boats. You get to meet many other college aged kids in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Going to tournaments are a guaranteed blast! Ask anybody who has gone to a tournament!

Q: What are some other perks of being on KSU Water Ski?
A: You get the opportunity to personally BEAT KU!
You have the opportunity to meet and watch skilled water skiers.
We have the best roadtrips, parties, and BBQs.
You get to go to the lake when it's 50 degrees or even if its 110 degrees and look good doing it.

A: Email one of us on the contacts page saying you are interesting in joining the team. We will add you to our listserv so you can get emails about events and meetings. Just come to meetings and events, check us out, boom, you're on the team.


If you have any other questions or have one you think should be listed here, email or ask them in the chatbox to the left.







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