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Section 1 This organization shall be officially known as the Kansas State University Water Ski Team or the KSU Water Ski Team.

Section 2 No member shall acquire or distribute merchandise with this name without written permission from the KSU Ski Team board.


Section 1 The purpose of the KSU Ski Team is to promote water skiing in the Midwest Region while also allowing collegiate skiers the opportunity to compete during their years at Kansas State University.


Section 1 Membership is open to any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled as a full time student at Kansas State University.

Section 2 To be a member in good standing, the student must be attending at least 12 hours at the University and maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
Section 3 A semesterly membership fee will be owed to the team at the first meeting of each fall semester, or the first meeting said student attends during the year. This fee will be determined by the officers of the organization during the first meeting of the fall semester and may be changed at any time with a majority vote by the organization.
Section 4 Non-payment of dues will result in said individual being suspended or undergoing a termination hearing by the officers of the organization.

Section 1 The management of the KSU Ski Team shall be vested in a set of officers elected yearly.

Section 1 The Officers, or “board”, of the Kansas State Water Ski Team shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. A Social Chair, Fundraising Chair, Webmaster, and Co-Captain will also be elected officials, but will not carry voting rights held by the Officers. The Officers will serve as the face of the organization and should represent the organization as such.

Section 2 All Officers shall hold office for one year or until their successors are duly elected and qualified to hold said office. Each Officer shall have one vote.
Section 3 The Officers have the right to employ whatever personnel deemed necessary by a ¾ vote of the board.

Section 4 The Annual elections for the Officers will be held yearly after the fall skiing season has been completed. Voting shall consist of all members present and absentee voting will not be allowed. Nominations for these offices will commence 2 weeks in advance of the voting. Voting must be completed by December 1.

Section 5 The Officers shall abide by any and all National Collegiate Water Ski Association (NCWSA) and Midwest Collegiate Water Ski Association (MCWSA) bylaws, rules or regulations. If it is deemed that an officer has broken one of these rules by a vote of the rest of the board and the NCWSA/MCWSA, they will be terminated from said office and will be eligible for termination from the organization by a 2/3 vote of said organization.
Section 6 To hold an officer position, said person must be attending 12 hours at Kansas State University and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0. If either condition is broken during the term, the said individual will be eligible for position termination by 2/3 vote of the remaining board members.
Section 7 If any elected official becomes unable to serve, the membership will appoint a nominee, which then will come under a majority vote of the team. If the President is unable to nominate, the order to nominate is as follows: Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. If the nominee is approved they will serve the remainder of the said term.

Section 8 The elected officer’s duties are as follows:


In charge of all team meetings, Sets up travel for all events, Link with other teams, Link

with National Director, Team Captain, In charge of separating team work, Tournament

Director, Listserv Maintenance

Vice President

Helps any officers in any way needed, Sets up all practices, Helps with Tournament, Calls Boat Drivers, Recruiting/includes coordination of New Members meeting with President, Does educational presentations for meetings, Assist Fundraising Chair


Calls to Reserve Rooms from Union, In charge of getting meeting time to Collegian, Team link for Newspaper coverage, Take minutes at meeting, In charge of all team clothing, In charge of maintaining alumni list, Send letters at the end of the fall semester to alumni


Dues, In charge of checkbook, Works on allocations with University, Help President with travel and tournaments

Social Chair

In charge of all parties including tournaments and team BBQ


Based on: Upperclassmen, has done much work for team, team leader, responsible, etc. This position will be an honorary position and is not based solely on skiing talent, but more of leadership characteristics. The team will vote as a whole on this position. Assists at meetings at Conference, Regionals, nationals, tec. Will fill in for captain whenever needed, Helps captain make decisions regarding team

Fundraising Chair

Must coordinate fundraisers each semester


Maintains website, Posts meeting minutes within 3 days of receiving on listserv, tournament dates and results, constitution, and any other aspect deemed necessary by officers or team

Only President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary are voting officers.

Section 1 The KSU Ski Team will have two required meetings each year. The first being the first meeting of the fall semester, which will be determined prior to the said semester. The second required meeting shall be annual officer’s elections, following the commencement of the fall skiing season. The President will also have the right to make any meeting mandatory. For the meeting to be mandatory, the President must make contact by phone, mail, or electronic mail at least two weeks in advance.
Section 2 The KSU Ski Team will hold weekly planning meetings weekly from the first Monday of the fall semester through the last Monday before the Spring Finals exam week. These meetings may be deemed mandatory by the President for all varsity members. At least 2 officer meetings per month.

Section 1 As a member of the KSU Ski Team, students will have certain responsibilities to uphold to maintain membership. These responsibilities will be determined by the President and vice President and must be deemed fair by a majority vote of the team.

Section 2 Among these responsibilities will be maintenance of the team’s primary ski site at Tuttle including jump ramp, slalom course, and equipment. To maintain membership a student must contribute a minimum of 16 man hours of labor at the site during a semester. The Officers may add additional hours to the total if the work is deemed necessary by a majority vote of the board. Hours worked must be approved by the board by majority vote.
Section 3 Team members will also be expected to represent Kansas State University in a respectable manner at all times. This includes the above mentioned minimum academic requirements, behavior on campus and on the road, and overall appearance. This also includes behavior before and after competing in a tournament. Any reports of misconduct will be voted on by the board and ¾ vote will result in punishment of said individual.

Section 4 Team members are expected to compete as a team. The sport of water skiing becomes a team sport as soon as a member enters a collegiate tournament. If a member fails to compete with the team in mind, they will be subject to punishment by a majority board vote immediately.


Section 1 If any member is deemed to have misrepresented the Kansas State University Water Ski Team by a 2/3 vote of the board they are eligible for punishment by said board. This punishment can consist of, but is not limited to, verbal reprimand, loss of privileges, monetary fines, tournament suspension and team suspension. Monetary fines are only valid when team fees have not been paid. This punishment is not available in any other situation. All punishments will be requested by the President and must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the remaining members of the board.
Section 2 If member is accused of breaking a responsibility more than once by a ¾ vote, the officers can request the team to vote for dismissal from the team.
Section 3 Dismissal from the team is a serious offense and will only be requested in the worst of situations. To dismiss a member, a 2/3 vote must be accomplished from at least 20 members. The vote date must be made public to the team at least two weeks in advance. If member is voted off of team by 2/3 vote, they have one opportunity to appeal at the boards convenience. At the appeal, the following must be present: The organizations President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Advisor, Co-Captain and the offender. To re-admit the individual to the team, the above officers, including Co-Captain and Advisor must vote unanimously to allow the individual back on the team.

Section 4 If a member is dismissed after appeal they are not eligible at any team event, meeting, etc. for one year from appeal date. At this point they will meet with the board and will be permitted to rejoin the team a majority of the board approves the move.


Section 1 The KSU Ski Team’s main objective is excellence in competition. To promote this objective, the team will choose 5 individuals in each event, slalom, trick, and jump, on both the men’s and women’s teams during the first month of the fall semester and the first month of spring practice and name these individuals the Varsity ski team of Kansas State University. The chosen individuals must have met all of the previous responsibilities to become a part of the Varsity team. The board also has the right to add additional responsibilities by majority vote.
Section 2 The team will be chosen through a combination of objectives, including skill, fulfillment of responsibilities, and commitment to the sport.
Section 3 Commitment of the sport will be determined at the first meeting of the fall semester. At this meeting the President will request that a member attend a certain number of practices before being allowed to try out for the team. To bypass this requirement, a member must receive a majority approval from the board to be granted permission to bypass the practice requirement.
Section 4 To participate, the members of the team must all comply with the eligibility requirements of the NCWSA. If the member’s eligibility is in question, it is their responsibility to investigate the matter, and not that of the officers of the KSU Ski Team.

Section 5 The final determination of the team will come at the annual fall team trials. The team trials will be held no later than one week in advance of the first tournament of the fall season, and will be held at a private skiing facility if possible. A member must be present at the team trials to make the team, unless the officers approve by majority vote the absence of said member. All team members that have fulfilled their team responsibilities are eligible to compete in the team trials. The members selected at team trials are not final varsity members, as performance at tournaments can result in switching of roster during the tournament season on a majority vote by the officers.


Section 1 The fiscal year of the KSU Ski Team shall start and end on the first day of the fall semester.


Section 1 These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the KSU Ski Team by a 2/3 vote of the members present.

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