Meeting Minutes

1. There are two tournaments before the end of the semester and summer break!
The first tournament is April 23-24. We will not be going to this tournament as a team.
The second tournament is April 30 - May 1. It is Hawkeye Hypothermia in Ames, Iowa. We will go to this tournaments as a team. If you are interested in going, we will discuss it at our next meeting, April 25.

2. Meeting dates:
April 25: We will have a fundraising letter folding/envelope stuffing party and discuss the Hawkeye Hypothermia tournament.
May 2: This could potentially be our last meeting this year. We will tie up payment for the tournament and talk about summer skiing.

3. Boat diver appreciation dinner
Hayes and Mason! You got this! Give Trevor a date, place and time by 4/18

4. Fundraising
Hayes: Sell space on trailer for sponsors. Have something written up by next meeting...and in case I haven't said it enough...this is April 25.
Tyler: Keep the sponsorship on the back burner until summer
Other fundraising ideas: DD-ing for sororities, kissing booth?, fundraising nights at cold stone, orange leaf, other various restaurants.

5. Practicing
Mason: Talk to your Uncle about getting on the lake in Council Grove. Report back to us on April 25, or sooner if possible.

Thanks to everyone who attended,
Have a great week!

Natalie Truman
Secretary and Women's Team Captain



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