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Vice President for Student Life

First Year Program Merger Proposed Recommendations

1) University Experience - Responsibility for the academic course EDCEP 111 University Experience would be moved to K-State First.

EDCEP 111 would be taught as first-year seminar, with an instructor and peer mentor using activity learning techniques. The content, learning outcomes, and textbook would be similar to the current design. Supplemental instruction, offered by the Academic Assistance Center, would continue to be a key feature. K-State First would begin work with Global Campus to explore the possibility of offering online versions, including for-credit and free options.

2) Student-Success CAT Communities - K-State First would offer a variety of study-skills-focused CAT Communities.

The CAT Communities are learning communities that feature two general education classes and a small, one-credit-hour connections course. In these student-success CAT communities, the connections course would focus on study skills and college student success skills. The content would be comparable to EDCEP 111, but streamlined into a one-credit-hour option. Students could enroll in residential or non-residential options and select learning communities with themes that reflect their own interests and goals.

3) Pilots - Pilots would merge with existing programs but continue as a student-success opportunity for first-generation and under-represented students, offering Student Life enhancement to coursework.

The intrusive advising function of Pilots would merge with Plan for Success, and the merged units would be services within the Academic Assistance Center. Pilots' course offerings would come under the K-State First umbrella. Pilots' supplemental instruction and tutoring assistance would become the responsibility of a new tutoring system, which would be managed from the Academic Assistance Center.

4) Enhanced Collaboration - The Academic Assistance Center and K-State First would create a structure for regular and consistent collaboration.