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Vice President for Student Life

Student Life Graduate Assistant Campus Visit Day

Attending the Graduate Student Visit day allows you to interview with many of the different departments in the Division of Student Life at Kansas State University. 

Graduate student appointments are for 20 hours of work per week (.50 FTE). Graduate students are required to be enrolled in at least 6 hours per semester for a graduate appointment. “By university policy a graduate student appointment is contingent on a successful criminal background check and admission to Kansas State University graduate school.” 

In order to participate, please complete the following by Tuesday, March 5:

What to expect during the visit day:

  • campus tour
  • interaction with faculty and current graduate students
  • interview(s)
  • presentation(s) if applicable 

What to bring:

  • copies of your resume and cover letter
  • business professional attire
  • comfortable shoes

For questions regarding overnight accommodations, please contact Amber Byrley, adbyrley@ksu.edu, or Andy Thompson, athomp@ksu.edu