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College Advising Fellow, Kansas State College Advising Corps (PDF)

The mission of the National College Advising Corps, of which the Kansas State College Advising Corps (KSCAC) is a constituent program, is to increase the number of first-generation, low-income and underrepresented high school students entering and completing higher education. KSCAC places College Advising Fellows (hereafter referred to as College Advisers) full-time in select high schools in either Wyandotte or Johnson (KS) county. The College Adviser assists by providing guidance and encouragement needed for the students to navigate the college admissions and financial aid processes. College Advisers must be eligible to and shall enroll as AmeriCorps members, through the National College Advising Corps. The service term is limited to a maximum of two years.

College Advisers aim to help students find a “best-fit” post-secondary opportunity in order to increase the likelihood of post-secondary success in college or career. Additionally, advisers create and foster a college-going culture by engaging administration, teachers, and staff to help build an environment that encourages and supports college attendance and completion. The advisers are available to assist all students and families.