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Scholarship Cadets HSSP

Dear High School Scholarship Cadet,

            Welcome to Detachment 270, home of the Wildcat Warriors!  In order to facilitate a smooth transition into the Air Force ROTC program, we are holding new cadet orientation on August 21st.  Check-in for scholarship recipients will be email/phone based the day prior to ensure there are no issues.  Please check your emails and bring all required documentation COMPLETED that are listed in your introductory email and bring any questions regarding the contract.  Uniform will be purple polo and khakis with closed toe shoes.

The following day (Saturday, August 21st) High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) recipients need to arrive at 0800 (time subject to change based on prior day in-processing) at General Myers Hall for completing any final paperwork. Participation in New Student Orientation is voluntary, but your scholarship will be activated at orientation therefore it is highly encouraged.  HSSP recipients will be administered the Oath of Enlistment. Due to current COVID restrictions each incoming cadet will only be permitted 2 guests to attend the contracting, we will be hosting a live FB and Zoom video for those family members unable to attend. Please ensure you complete the package you are sent to streamline the process and keep everyone as safe as possible. All dates and times are subject to change based off School and Local policies. 

We look forward to meeting everyone and getting the semester underway! Thank you for your patience while we are all adjusting to these new times. 

You can search @Det270 to find the Facebook page quickly, important information and program updates will be made on this page.