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Air Force ROTC


Below are Air Force ROTC Forms that will be required for In-Processing or used during your time as a Wildcat Warrior! Download and print the forms.  Once completed they can be uploaded to your WINGS account or turned into Det 270 Cadre.

AF Form 2030 - USAF Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate

AF Form 4428 - Tattoo Screening

AF Form 4446 - Fitness Assessment Scorecard

Fitness Screening Questionnaire

AFROTC Form 28 - Sports Physical

AFROTC Form 48 - Academic Degree Plan

AFROTC Form 48 - Instructions and example of how to fill it out

AU Form 19 - AU MAC Student Standards of Conduct Training Agreement

DD Form 93 - Record of Emergency Data

DD Form 2005 - Privacy Act Statement-Health Care

DD Form 2983 - Recruiter/Trainer Prohibited Activities Acknowledgement

Direct Deposit Form

Drug Demand Reduction Program Memorandum of Understanding

Mail Access Authorization

Release of Student Records Authorization