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Estimates help contain cost, plan printing order

The estimate form helps clients plan printing specifications and provides budgeting information. Printing costs depend on quantity needed, materials, and labor and equipment required for the finished product.

Estimates usually are provided within two work days, but call for a personal response. A customer service representative is available during work hours to discuss job specifications, make suggestions to improve the product design, determine a delivery date, and suggest ways to reduce costs.

Estimate request form.pdf

For an accurate estimate, be specific, and provide as much information as possible. A mock-up, sample, or similar printed piece is helpful. Basic information required includes:

Contact name

Job description (title and type of document)


Number of pages (a single sheet, printed on both sides, is 2 pages)


Preparation services (typesetting, scanning, design)

Color of ink(s)

Type and color of paper

Proofs needed

Finishing services (pad, collate, staple, fold, bind, shrinkwrap, etc.)

University Printing also provides pickup and delivery, large job production, and mass mailing. For more information, call 532-6308.