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Office of the Vice President for University Operations and Chief Operations Officer

Deferred Maintenance Project

The university is accepting proposals to address deferred maintenance projects on our campuses. Deferred maintenance refers to the backlog of past due maintenance and renewal needs for building systems and components.

Approximately $5 million of the appropriated funds from the Kansas Legislature will be awarded to support the much-needed maintenance and upgrades of aging university facilities. Proposals for funding support require a one-to-one funding match. Review additional information about available funding and the proposal process.

The Campus Planning and Development Advisory Committee will review and prioritize proposals according to university and Kansas Board of Regents initiatives.

Proposal Criteria

  • Proposals must address maintenance and improvement needs within mission critical buildings.

    List of mission critical buildings
    • Manhattan campus
      • Ackert/Chalmers Hall
      • Agronomy Education Center
      • Anderson Hall
      • ASI Sheep & Meat Goat-main office/training facility
      • Berney Family Welcome Center
      • Bluemont Hall
      • Burt Hall
      • Bushnell Hall and Annex
      • CMG - Research Building
      • CMG - Shop/storage area
      • Call Hall
      • Calvin Hall
      • Campus Creek Complex
      • Cardwell Hall
      • Chem-Biochem Building
      • Chemical Storage Building
      • Chiller Builing I
      • Chiller Plant II
      • Civil Infrastructure Testing Lab
      • Coles Hall
      • College of Business Building
      • Danforth/AllFaiths Chapel
      • Dickens Hall
      • Dole Hall
      • Durland/Rathbone/Fiedler/Engineering Hall
      • Dykstra Hall
      • Edwards Hall
      • Eisenhower Hall
      • English/Counseling Services
      • Environmental Research Lab
      • Executive Court shop Annex
      • Facilities Grounds
      • Facilities Shops
      • Fairchild Hall
      • Feed Technology
      • Forestry Extension - Gallaher Building
      • Forestry Extension - Vehicle Maintenance
      • General Richard B. Myers Hall
      • Grain Science Center - BIVP, Hal Ross Flour Mill, International Grains Program and O.H. Kruse Feed Mill
      • Gymnasium
      • Hale-Farrell Library
      • hoeflin Stone House
      • Holton Hall
      • Holtz Hall
      • International STudent Center
      • Justin Hall
      • KSU Innovation Center
      • KSU Reciycling Center - Wind Erosion Lab
      • Kedzie Hall
      • King Hall
      • Lafene Health Center
      • Leadership STudies Building
      • Leasure Hall
      • Library Annex
      • Manufacturing Learning Center (AMI) --new name??
      • Mary & Carl Ice Hall
      • McCain Auditorium
      • Mechanical Engineering Lab
      • Mosier Hall
      • Natatorium --remove??
      • National Gas Machine Lab
      • Nichols Hall
      • Pat Roberts Hall
      • Power Plant
      • Seaton/Regnier Hall
      • Shellenberger Hall
      • Stonaley Stout Center
      • Thompson Hall
      • Throckmorton Hall
      • Trotter Hall
      • Umberger Hall
      • Unger Complex
      • Ward Hall
      • Waters Hall and annex
      • Weber Hall
      • West Stadium
      • Willard Hall
    • Salina campus
      • Aero East Hanger
      • Aero West Hangar
      • Aeronautical Center/Stevens Flight Center
      • College Center
      • Composites Building
      • Composites Lab
      • Extension Center (Science Center)
      • Facilities Planning
      • Maintenance Building
      • Outreach Center
      • Technology Center
      • Tullis Building
      • UAS Laboratory
      • UAS Net
      • Welcome Center
  • Projects must meet the definition of deferred maintenance per Kansas Board of Regents policy Chapter II, Section E.4.a.ii.
    • "Deferred Maintenance is annual maintenance and necessary renewal of facilities systems and components that have been postponed, delayed, or deferred, to a future budget cycle or until funds are available."
  • Projects must accomplish one or more of the following university and Kansas Board of Regents initatives:
    • Improve space or classroom utilization
    • Improve facility condition index
    • Address life safety, ADA or code-related issue
    • Align with strategic enrollment management, research or service mission
  • Unit must certify availability of matching funds from non-state source(s)

  • Total project scope less than $1 million preferred, but larger projects will be considered

Submit a Proposal

Review the submission guidelines and download the application form. Proposals are due Sept. 1, 2022. Cost estimates provided by Campus Planning and Project Management must be included and requested by July 15.