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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about the policy:

What is Kansas State University’s smoking policy?
The smoking policy is here. Smoking is already prohibited in university buildings and university-owned vehicles.
When will it go into effect?
The effective date for K-State’s smoking policy is June 1, 2018.
Does the policy prohibit smokeless tobacco?
K-State’s smoking policy prohibits the smoking of "cigarettes, cigars, pipes or burning tobacco in any other form or device, as well as the use of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, hookah or other water pipe devices and all other related devices."
Why is K-State’s policy “smoke-free” and not “tobacco-free”?
In fall 2015, President Kirk Schulz asked for input from the leadership of each of the university's governance groups — Student Governing Association, Faculty Senate and University Support Senate — regarding moving to a smoke- and tobacco-free campus or identifying designating smoking areas.

Each of the university's governing groups discussed smoke-free and tobacco-free policies, as well as smoking areas, and gathered feedback from their constituents. Based on more support for a smoke-free campus as opposed to a completely tobacco-free campus, President Richard Myers and President's Cabinet supported moving forward with the smoking only ban in spring 2017.

Where can students, faculty, staff and visitors smoke?
Students, faculty, staff and visitors are permitted to smoke off university-owned property and inside their enclosed personal vehicle on campus property.

How will the new policy be enforced?
The policy is intended to be self-enforced. As part of the K-State family, we ask all members and visitors join us in creating a clean-air campus. Students not in compliance with the smoking policy will be held accountable under the Student Code of Conduct. Faculty and staff not in compliance will be subject to disciplinary action in conjunction with their role at K-State.

Are there any persons or groups exempt from the smoke-free policy?
Not at this time.

Are K-State Athletics, Foundation and Alumni Center buildings and grounds included in the smoke free policy?
K-State Athletics and owned properties/grounds are part of the smoke-free policy and both the Kansas State University Foundation and Alumni Association have independent smoking and tobacco policies that apply to their buildings and properties.

What are the policies at the Olathe and Polytechnic campuses?
K-State Olathe has their own policy. K-State Polytechnic is part of the smoking policy governing the Manhattan campus.

Are other universities adopting smoke-free policies? 
Yes, many other universities have adopted both smoke- and tobacco-free policies for the health of their campus.

What resources are available to help K-State students, faculty and staff quit smoking?

There are several cessation programs available to the K-State community. View the resources.