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Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

Research for All

sahiba with mentor

Due to the pandemic and limitations on laboratory access we will not be coordinating the 'Research for All' program during Spring 2021. We do hope to have an event during Fall 2021. Check back later for updates.

'Research for All' is a short research program that allows you to get hands-on experience in how research works in a particular discipline. During the program, you will be paired with a mentor, complete a project, learn how to make and communicate your project to others, present your poster at our Undergraduate Research Symposium, win an award, and have your poster placed in K-State's Digital Library, so you will have an official link to place on your resume. This experience is open to ALL majors and undergraduate students, regardless of your GPA, academic standing or level of research experience.

Program details:

  • Available for 10-weeks to participate in program
  • 1-2 hour(s)/week commitment throughout the 10-week period
  • Opportunity to present project at Research Symposium

To become a part of 'Research for All,' please email us at ourci@ksu.edu.