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Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

OURCI Grant Application Information

What is Research and Creative Inquiry?

Research and/or creative inquiry is broadly defined to include any faculty-mentored scholarly or creative project or undertaking, whether disciplinary or interdisciplinary, pure or applied, theoretical or practical.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Manhattan, Salina, and K-State’s Global Campus undergraduate students may apply.
  • Eligibility is extended to all Kansas State University undergraduate students in good academic standing.
  • First-time and previously unfunded applicants are given priority consideration; however, all eligible students are continually invited to apply.
  • Students may receive a maximum of two OURCI Grants (Research and/or Travel).
  • A student cannot accept two grants, from different K-State offices, in a single semester.

Awards are for a maximum of $1000 per semester.

Application Due Dates:

Fall 2019: April 15, 2019


Click for more information about the RESEARCH GRANT APPLICATION.

Click for more information about the TRAVEL GRANT APPLICATION

If you experience any problems or have a question about the application, you may contact the staff at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry. Please e-mail ourci@ksu.edu.