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Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

Pioneers in Cutting Edge Exploration

The Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry is a part of the Office of Student Success and serves an interdisciplinary community. We encourage undergraduate students and faculty to engage in inquiry because whether a scientist, a business woman or an artist, a cutting edge history is our K-State tradition!

What we do

The Office of Undergradute Research and Creative Inquiry facilitates mentored research experiences for undergraduate students from all disciplines at Kansas State University. We also provide public forum for students to share their research and experiences to the larger K-State Community.

chem eng

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As the first land-grant college created under the Morrill Act and the oldest public university in the state of Kansas, Kansas State University has a long tradition of pioneering spirit. Since its earliest days when both men and women were welcomed into the K-State family, the institution has pioneered the most cutting edge ideas of our time.

field research

From early agriculture field research to women making their place in the academy... 

women in a lab class

...we are a family of scholars...

Anita mentoring a group of students

...out to change the world.