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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions requirements for readmit students

Returning/readmitted students

Any undergraduate student who has previously been admitted and attended K-State courses on the Manhattan campus at any time since high school graduation, or any undergraduate student who was admitted to and attended classes after high school graduation on the Salina (Kansas State Polytechnic) campus since fall 1991 must submit an application for readmission. After receiving your application, your academic record and major requested will be reviewed.

Students also need to reapply and be readmitted if they have graduated from K-State and want to return for further undergraduate work, have not been enrolled at K-State for at least one fall or spring semester, or have been dismissed from K-State. There is no readmission application fee.

A dismissed student will be readmitted only when approved for reinstatement by the academic standards committee of the college the student is attempting to enter; the application for reinstatement must be directed to the academic standards committee.  A reinstatement form must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in addition to the undergraduate application for readmission.

When to apply?

Allow at least 5 working days to process the application.  If you apply during
the seven days before the first day of class and meet the readmission
criteria, you will enroll on or after the first day of class. You will be charged a
$65 late enrollment fee. Application for readmission may not be accepted
after classes begin for the semester.

Scholastic Deficiencies

Academic warning:

Students who are on academic warning or have a K-State GPA less than 2.0
must re-enter the same curriculum in which last enrolled.  If additional college
work is being or has been earned, an admission decision is deferred until
official transcripts are received.

Academic dismissal:

Dismissed students will be readmitted only when approved for reinstatement
by the Academic Standards Committee of the college the student wishes to enter.

Normally, students must wait at least two semesters before being considered
for reinstatement. There is no guarantee of reinstatement even after waiting
out the two required semesters.

Write or call your dean's office to request an application for reinstatement. 
Each K-State college establishes reinstatement schedules and procedures.

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